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Edition 03/14

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ستوفر مجلة العملاء "AERZEN" من AERZEN المعلومات التفصيلية على فترات منتظمة عن الشركة ومنتجاتها وحلول الاستخدام.


Tested and approved to be the optimum

Is it possible to transport humid wood chips by means of compressed air up to a height of 45 metres into a silo? Yes, it is! The new concept of Zellstoff Stendal GmbH provides proof of this. An AERZEN rotary lobe compressor of the new series Delta Hybrid Generation 5 supplies the compressed air for...

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Strong presence in Singapore

In June 2014, Aerzen Asia participated in the International Water Week Exhibition (SIWW) in Singapore, one of the biggest and most extensive water management trade fairs in the world.

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Ready for a new level of process air efficiency?

To transport bulk goods pneumatically - from dust particles to tennis- ball-sized objects, quickly, carefully and at the lowest cost, is – a task for experts and specialists in the field. AERZEN solves the transport problem by offering a new level of process air efficiency.

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China relies on Hi-tech made by AERZEN

AERZEN supplies a total of nine water vapour blowers for the “Taishan Phase I” nuclear power plant in the Chinese Province of Guangdong - one of the biggest individual orders in the company’s history.

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Delta Screw now even more energy efficient

AERZEN presents for the first time the completely revised compressor packages at the PowTech in Nuremberg from 30th September to 1st October 2014. These compressor packages belong to series Delta Screw E design which work even more energy efficiently than previous designs.

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AERZEN captures Thailand’s milling industry

Bangkok’s flour mill Siam Flour, rich in tradition, has been relying on AERZEN for 30 years. It is important that friction takes place only between the millstones and not during the processes!

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150 years AERZEN, part 3 1987–1997

With further significant new developments, AERZEN set standards worldwide in the 1980s and 1990s.

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For lively fish in the water

For the basic supply of oxygen to their trout breeding tanks, Messrs. Winkelmann has exclusively used AERZEN positive displacement blowers for the last twelve years, with these 18 machines compressing absolutely oil-free.

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Compact news

Advanced concept of workspace utilisation for PGD

As a result of the steady growth of AERZEN’s Process Gas Division, their existing office space is bursting at the seams. In addition, the innovative and open working structures of the division need to be reflected in and supported by their office environment. Accordingly, a modern and sustainable working environment has been developed which will facilitate optimum communication between the teams. Project rooms and integrated meeting areas will help to encourage creativity and close cooperation.AERZEN Process Gas Division is ideally equipped for the future with the variable space and utilisation concept in the new building. The attractive working environment will also help to attract suitably qualified personnel in the future.

Flood helper medal for factory fire brigade

In the middle of June 2013, the factory fire brigade of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik joined in to fight the flooding of the river Elbe. They worked on protecting the dyke in Zeetze, Amt Neuhaus, Lower Saxony. During an awards ceremony on 4th July, the firefighters were awarded the flood medal of the federal state of Lower Saxony.

AERZEN awards promotion prize for best Bachelor-thesis

In July 2014, during an awards ceremony at the theatre of Hamelin four graduates of the “Weserbergland” High School in Hamelin, were awarded a promotion prize for the best bachelor-thesis, each with a purse of EUR 500.00. On this occasion, the promotion prize in the field of industrial engineering was donated by AERZEN. And as it turned out during the award to the winner, Jan Rosemeier, AERZEN not only manufactures the largest blower in the world, but it also handed over by far the biggest cheque.

Aerzen Andina – Peru S.A.C. established

A new organisational unit of AERZEN Group, Aerzen Peru S.A.C., was estab- lished in April 2014 in the Peruvian capital Lima.Having exported to Peru from Aerzen Germany and Aerzen Andina Colombia for many years, the time has come to establish an after-sales organisation in the country itself. This will allow the company to better assist its customers in this market, through offering local service and support. It is also planned to establish a sales and service organisation in 2015. Ricardo Castillo, General Manager of Aerzen Andina - Colombia, will assume control of the new organisational unit in Lima.

New Managing director at Aerzen Austria

<font color="#666666" face="Arial, sans-serif">Martin Barger took over the management of Aerzen Austria on 1st April 2014. Barger, who has been working at Aerzener Maschinenfabrik since early 2014, replaced longtime Managing Director, Ewald Mayrl, who has retired after many years of loyal service.</font><font color="#666666" face="Arial, sans-serif">The 32-year-old mechanical engineer has several years of experience in the Industrial Equipment and Facilities Division.</font>

Successful Areva recertification

At the end of February 2014, AERZEN passed a two-day recertification audit for the customer Areva, a leader in nuclear technology. This was achieved, not as in previous years in accordance with KTA 1401-regulations, but in accordance with NSQ-100. These regulations were published by the Nuclear Quality Standard Association (NSQA) in 2011, are based on ISO 9001 and are internationally respected.Due to the new requirements of the NSQ-100 regulations, AERZEN awaited the audit with excitement. Finally the auditors confirmed that AERZEN is well positioned even for the modified general conditions. In some aspects potential for improvement was identified, and recommendations were duly implemented to the greatest possible extent. We are thus looking forward to the next interesting and challenging orders in nuclear power plant construction

Dragon boat team competes abroad

Members of AERZEN’s dragon boat team have been talking this summer not only about the traditional domestic regatta, but also for the first time about competing abroad: the team participated in the Dragon Boat Cup in Vienna in the middle of June as the only non-Austrian team and achieved a creditable fourth place. And no won- der – the team had active and loud support from an accompanying group of fans from AERZEN as well as from domestic fans of AERZEN Austria.

Turbo Business under new management

<font color="#666666" face="Arial, sans-serif">In July, Stephan Brand assumed the position Director Turbo Business in addition to his responsibilities as International Marketing Manager.</font><font color="#666666" face="Arial, sans-serif">Brand has worked for Aerzener Maschinenfabrik since 1995, and has</font><font color="#666666" face="Arial, sans-serif">been in various positions in sales and marketing. As Director Turbo Business, he is responsible for the establishment of the worldwide turbo business, including production, development, finances, sales and service. Brand will coordinate the activities of AERZEN Turbo organisations worldwide.</font>

Spare Parts: Better Take the Original

Aerzen original spare parts are specially designed for the compressors and blowers of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik. Consequently, they stand for a high degree of reliability and safety. In addition, Aerzen After Sales Service offers warranty, a vast storage and a quick identification of the correct parts as well as short delivery and reaction times.In short: Confidence is good – Original is better!