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New addition for the rotary lobe compressor series Delta Hybrid


Since the successful introduction of the Delta Hybrid series the scope of the innovative rotary lobe compressor series has increased steadily. With 16 sizes in all, the Delta Hybrid units now cover intake volume flows of between 110 m³/h and 9,000 m³/h and overpressures up to 1,500 mbar. Beside the former sizes S and L as well as H for higher pressures, the varied rotary lobe compressor kit is now also available as E option for special negative pressure applications.

This unique expertise from the worlds of positive displacement blowers and screw compressors is the foundation upon which the new groundbreaking and future-oriented Delta Hybrid technology has been developed – the first series of Rotary Lobe Compressors! Delta Hybrid is a synergy of blower and compressor technology, and offers completely new possibilities in overpressure and negative pressure generation of air and neutral gases by combining the technical advantages of both concepts. The ideal union of both rotary lobe blower and screw compressor technologies resulted in the future-oriented Delta Hybrid innovation that reduces the energy consumption by up to 15% compared to usual compressors. Thanks to this targeted expansion of the product range, the negative pressure range has been extended as well. As in the negative pressure range, conventional positive displacement blowers based on their design principle are limited to a maximum differential pressure of -500 mbar, expensive vacuum pumps used to be applied for lower pressure ranges. The application range of the Delta Hybrid packaged units had been extended by the new type of construction E to a pressure range of up to -700 mbar. This new pressure range offers new opportunities in the range of suction conveyance and is applicable, e.g. for applications in the foodstuff industry, plastic granulate pneumatics or chemistry. Delta Hybrid E, therefore, fills the gap in AERZEN machinery portfolio. The advantages for system manufacture and user are obvious: reduced investment costs, higher energy efficiency and more flexibility in the suction conveyance.

Use for vacuum applications

Pneumatic conveying devices are very common in the bulk industry: They are easy to install, do not have many movable parts and require, therefore, only little maintenance and are very adaptable. Even in case of longer distances solid particles are blown by air or inert gas through corresponding pipings. There is a difference between pressure- and suction conveyance. Regarding the pneumatic conveyance the load of solid particles influences considerably the operation behaviour of the unit. The smaller the load the less tendency for the pipings to get clogged. However, a smaller load (air conveyance / pressure conveyance) requires high flow speeds and a lot of energy leading to wear. In general hard and bulk materials sensitive to abrasion should be transported by means of suction conveyance, i.e. with smaller gas speeds. In the medium pressure range positive displacement blowers are proven for the pressure conveyance as well as for the intake operation.

The new series Delta Hybrid offers the following advantages:

  • Significantly improved energy efficiency by energy savings up to 15% compared with usual units;
  • extended fields of application with differential pressures of 1.500 mbar in the overpressure and -700 mbar in negative pressure;
  • low maintenance- and service costs (automatic belt tension by means of hinged motor mounting plate, operation from the front, oil level check from the outside even with the machine in operation, oil change intervals prolonged to 16.000 operating hours), reliability and durability;
  • very high regulating range (25 – 100%) with best possible degrees of efficiency also in partial load operation
  • patented and robust bearing design (service life 60.000 operat. hours Lh10);
  • Low compressed air discharge temperature thanks to excellent thermal budgets
  • compact design and side-by-side-installation, low noise levels, consequently suitable for outdoor installation.
  • ATEX certification and class 0-certification acc. to ISO 8573 for oil-free operation
  • No use of absorption material in discharge silencer, consequently no contamination of downstream-switched systems
  • belt drive for optimal design of the volume flow (automatic belt tension by means of hinged motor mounting plate guarantees low maintenance and high reliability)
  • lubrication by oil in oil filter and oil pump reduces electricity and maintenance costs ( oil filter not necessary).

Optionally the AERZEN Rotary Lobe Compressors can be equipped with the new AERtronic control system, which based on a modular design offers a solution tailored to each individual application. Beyond that AERZEN offers for the Delta Hybrid-series a so-called „All-in-One“-solution with integrated frequency converter and power supply panel. Following connection of power supply and conveying air piping, these units are immediately ready for operation.

The new Delta Hybrid packages have been designed for all applications where air and neutral gases must be conveyed oil-free, e.g. in sewage plants, in chemical industry, power plant technology or for transport and for unloading of dusty goods.

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