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High vacuum blower - HV series

Positive Displacement Blowers

For moving practically any gases in a high vacuum

Positive displacement blower for industrial high vacuum technology

AERZEN can look back on over 70 years of experience, particularly in the field of vacuum technology. Technical competence, experienced employees and continuous exchange with customers form an excellent basis for successful new developments by AERZEN. AERZEN always gives priority to customer benefit. Innovative products by AERZEN ensure that plant manufacturers and plant operators can achieve sustainable success in the market.

Advantages for the customer

  • Largest vacuum blower series with 19 sizes and volume flows of 180 m3/h up to 97,000 m3/h
  • ATEX certification as per 94/9/EG even for zone 0 (internal)
  • Energy-saving thanks to IE 3 motors
  • Easily select the right blower for you thanks to fine-structured steps of volume flows
  • Due to high mechanical loading capacity (stage up to 200 mbar - in case of drive, depending on selected motor rating up to 140 mbar) considerable reduction of pumping-down times
  • Variable adaptation to special applications through a wide variety of possible modifications
  • Vertical and horizontal installation position
  • Variable direction of flow (up to 2,800 m3/h even both-sided)
  • AERZEN's reliability and experience (more than 35,000 vacuum blowers in use world-wide)
  • World-wide sales and service system
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
Type of technology
Positive Displacement Blowers
Volume flow
180 to 97,000 m3/h
air , neutral gases , aggressive gases
Final vacuum
10^-3 mbar
Pressure difference
10^-3 - 200 mbar

Energy efficiency is standard at Aerzen

AERZEN standards for blowers and compressors have always been high. And now, they are being applied to drive units, too. IE 3 motors ensure maximum energy efficiency.

And AERZEN standard motors are already certified for use in several markets, including the US, Canada and Russia, and are suitable for frequency converters.

Design and construction

AERZEN vacuum blowers are provided with fluoro rubber (FKM) O-ring seals at the casing flanges. Further important advantages of the blower stage are vacuum tightness and air cooling. Lubrication oil is supplied by splash lubrication. The lubricant can be mineral oil, as well as PFPE oil, which is mostly used for conveying oxygen.

The HV series is equipped with a special oil slinger-piston ring-labyrinth seal between the conveying chamber and the bearing chambers. Additionally, an amply dimensioned neutral chamber with condensate channels is installed. In addition, the neutral chamber can be purged with seal gas, in order to achieve an increased sealing effect. The sealing of the drive shaft is guaranteed by double radial seal rings (FKM) with an oil chamber.

The blower is driven by direct coupling with motor. The driving unit consists of a cast connecting piece with perforated plate cover, flexible coupling and flanged B5-motor, equipped as per IEC standard and additionally with 3 PTC resistors. As standard, IE 3 motors are used for maximum energy efficiency.

AERZEN standard motors are already certified for use in several markets, including the US, Canada and Russia, and are suitable for frequency converters.

The Universal Genius for Every Application.

AERZEN HV-type blowers are designed for moving almost any gas and are especially used in industrial high-vacuum technology. With a total of 19 sizes, the blowers cover nominal displacement intake volume flows from 180 m3/h to 97,000 m3/h and pressure ranges from 10^-3 mbar abs. up to approx. 200 mbar abs.

Fields of application:

  • Vacuum coating technology
  • Chemical processes
  • Metallurgy/ construction of melting furnaces
  • Steel degassing
  • Packing industry
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Helium leak detection units
  • Manufacture of light bulbs and tubes
  • Drying technology
  • Machine construction
  • Electronics
  • Automotive industry
  • and much more

Information & documents

  • High vacuum blower [G1-090]
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  • Vacuum Rotary piston blower stage - HM [G4-011]
    [Operating Instruction
    AERZEN Headquarter]


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