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Blower units DELTA BLOWER Generation 5

Positive Displacement Blowers

Rotary lobe blowers for air and neutral gases

The Delta Blowers. Robust, durable machines for countless compressor processes.

The Delta Blower Generation 5 combines the characteristics you will find in previous generations with cutting-edge technical innovations that promise to meet future market needs.

This fifth generation of AERZEN blowers is ideal for air and neutral gases, combining tradition and innovation into a robust, durable machine perfect for countless compressor processes.

Some of the advantages customers can enjoy when you use the Delta Blower Generation 5 include:

    • Low maintenance and operation-friendly design
    • Low noise levels thanks to the machine’s considerable sound reduction features
    • No absorption material
    • Mechanical fan
    • A space-saving, side-by-side setup
    • Energy efficiency
    • Automatic belt retention due to the hinged motor mounting plate
    • AERZEN base support for any replacement parts needed
    • The class IE3, energy-saving motor
    • Blower stage with AERZEN’s patented procedure for pulsation reduction

      Further advantages result depending on design and application in the most different cases of application:

      • Energy-efficient design
      • Aerzen base support certified as spark arrester for ATEX-applications
      • Oil-free per Class 0 (certified according to ISO 8573-1)
      • Integrated method for reducing pulsation (Patented AERZEN blower stage
      • Standard application for energy saving motors of class IE3
      • Automatic belt retention due to hinged motor mounting plate

      Type of technology
      Positive Displacement Blowers
      Positive pressure , Negative pressure
      Volume flow
      30 to 15,000 m3/h
      air , neutral gases
      Negative Pressure
      -500 mbar
      Positive Pressure
      1,000 mbar

      Blowers are blowers, right? An end to preconceptions

      Extremely robust

      • For a broad range of applications in control ranges from 25 to 100%
      • Many types of possible modifications

      Compact design

      • Space-saving side-by-side setup
      • Smaller engine rooms

      Operation-friendly, low-maintenance design

      • Control and maintenance from the front of the machine
      • Oil levels can be checked with the machine running and are readable from outside the machine
      • Plug&Play (Pre-configured, parameterized, ready to run)

      No absorption material

      • For use in the pneumatic conveyance of bulk food items (no contamination).
      • Secure, energy-efficient water treatment (no deposits of absorption material on aeration plates, no clogging of filter media, no pressure losses)

      A plus for the environment

      • Energy-efficient Class IE3 motors as standard equipment
      • Newly developed E-Design for even more energy efficiency

      Low noise levels

      • For easy compliance with noise level regulations near populated areas and production facilities
      • Minimal noise levels with optimized acoustic hood
      • Integrated pulsation reduction process (patented AERZEN blower stage)

      Further information are available within the product brochures

      The Universal Genius for Every Application

      The versatile and compact Delta Blower units can be deployed in any climate zone on Earth. In the most challenging outdoor environments just as safely as in covered indoor spaces. They can be used as both standalone units or in complex assemblies. They are as reliable in earthquake zones as they are aboard ships or in other mobile applications.


      • Water and waste water treatment
      • Pneumatic conveyance of bulk materials
      • Aeration
      • Filter backwashing
      • Gas conveyance
      • Degassing
      • Dust removal
      • Vacuum production
      • Biogas treatment
      • and many others


      • Sewage treatment
      • Chemical and process technology
      • Power plants
      • Cement and lime
      • Foodstuffs
      • Paper
      • and many others

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