In our newly-equipped and designed repair center, we offer repairs of AERZEN Positive Displacement Blowers and Screw Compressors as well as external blower and compressor stages.
No matter whether you ask for the repair of an AERZEN stage or an external stage you in person can effect assembly and disassembly of the stages as well as the commissioning or you can order AERZEN staff to be of service.


You can expect reliable performance from AERZEN machines. If for any reason they require maintenance or repair, that’s where our services come in. Our technicians are specialists in restoring your machines to working order as quickly as possible – independent of our regular machine manufacturing process.

General overhaul

The general overhaul of AERZEN stages includes the exchange of all wear parts as for example bearing and sealing elements. The blower stage will be completely disassembled, cleaned; bearing and sealing will be replaced and adjusted according to AERZEN clearance chart. Finally, the stage will be reassembled into the unit and a test run completes the procedure. A warranty of 6 months will be extended to you for the realized works.

AERZEN Machines Repairs and Service Exchange

Whether your stage needs a general overhaul or has completely seized, you need a solution, we can help. AERZEN offer repairs on all Aerzen profiles and service exchange replacements on our 3 lobe blower and hybrid range. With over 50 years of engineering experience, the use of OEM parts and a 12 month warranty you can feel confident using AERZEN. We carry out all repair work at our Loughton based workshop. Contant 0208 502 8100 and select repairs or email or

More reasons to use AERZEN

  • Repairs conducted by AERZEN qualified engineers
  • Repairs available on AERZEN blowers, compressors, hybrids, valves and even non AERZEN machines
  • Quick turnaround time with standard next day delivery on most models
  • Technical support, fault finding and vibration testing facilities
  • All AERZEN re-builds are certified acc to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001
  • UVDB / Achillies verified and SAFEContactor certified

How do repairs work / how does service exchange work ?

How do repairs work ?

  • Machine inspection - we fully dismantle and inspect all major parts, measure the clearance, check the condition of the internal and try to establish the cause of the problem so that future occurrences may be avoided

  • Quotation and Report - we send quotation and reports via email. The report will detail our findings and recommend what work should be carried out. We aim to have machines inspected and quoted within 48 hours of receipt. If the cost is high due to excessive damage, we will recommend an alternative, such as a new or reurbished replacement

  • Repair on order receipt - the machine stays at the workshop until an order is received or we can send it back dismantled if you do not wish to proceed* We aim to have to have all machines within 5 working days from placement of order and you will be kept up to date with automated status updates. Where applicable, machines undergo vibration testing to ensure a quality build

  • Completion and Dispatch - we will contact you to confirm completion. Unless stated otherwise at quotation phase, the machine will be delivered using a next working day pallet service.

*inspection fees apply

Hows does service exchange work ?

  • Contact - if you have contacted us seeking solution for a machine needing an overhaul we will offer you a repair or service exchange if available. Service exchanges offer the quickest possible turnaround solution

  • Offer - we will offer you like for like replacement for your 3 lobe blower or hybris for a fixed price. We will accept exchanges in any condition as long as they haven't been stripped down. Sevice exchanges are readiy available and provide a good cost effective option for lowest downtime

  • Order and exchange - if you ae happy with our offer and order is placed we can process the exchange. This can be done in a number of ways. You can send your machine in, once received we will dispatch your replacement on a next day service or we can collect and deliver at the same time, the choice is yours

  • What to do with your old machine - we would treat this like any other repair. We inspect and completely overhaul the stage with guaranteed OEM parts ready for exchange.
Two experienced AERZEN service technicians repair an AERZEN unit

Experienced service technicians are at your disposal for on-site service of your AERZEN packaged units all around the world. Furthermore, there are service bases in Berlin, Lübeck, Leipzig, Suhl, Koblenz and Blaubeuren where standard air blower packages are overhauled up to the sizes GMa / GMb 14.10 and GM 80 L14.10. For all other machines your service still comes from Aerzen.

Our service technicians are certified according to SCC (security certificate contractors). Customers in the chemical and petrochemical industries and customers in the Benelux countries ask for this certification. In this way, time and cost intensive safety training may be avoided.

Must haves: original parts.

Only “Original Equipment Manufacturer” (OEM) parts can guarantee the pinpoint accuracy you need. Despite standardised terminology, there are always small differences in the manufacturing process that in extreme cases can drastically reduce a machine’s lifespan. You’re on the safe side with OEM parts. We guarantee it.

Quality as a function of OEM.

  • our own cleaning facilities and paint shops
  • our own testing facilities
  • short throughput times
  • optimised storage, workflow and spare parts logistics
  • replacement of worn-out parts with OEM originals

External Stages

Even if your product is not from AERZEN, we also offer you individual services. To facilitate your decision making, you will receive a detailed quotation for all repairs, including a status report on the components.

We offer you a warranty of 6 months on all repairs from date of dispatch. Furthermore, we offer customised services:

  • Disassembly/assembly, including commissioning of your component
  • Collection service
  • Rental packaged units
  • Second-hand machines

    External stages – Repairs at factory Abaris

    Repair center „Abaris“ Blower Repair Kortenberg/Belgien Since 2007 Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH has been cooperating with Abaris Blower Repair nv in Kortenberg / Belgium. Thanks to this cooperation AERZEN can also offer repairs of external blower and compressor stages.

    The repairs (replacement of bearings and sealings) are executed individually. No matter whether you ask for the repair of an AERZEN stage or an external stage you in person can effect assembly and disassembly of the stages as well as the commissioning or you can order AERZEN staff to be of service. In any case whether you order repair of an AERZEN product or an external product you always have the advantage to deal with only one contact person resp. one contract partner.

    • Pick-up of the machine will be effected by AERZEN according to your instructions regarding pick-up address.
    • You will receive a detailed finding including a quotation for the repair of your machine and you decide what shall be done.
    • Immediately on receipt of your approval the repair will be effected as per quotation and the machine will be delivered to your address.