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One of our most important company hallmarks is being on hand when and where our customers need us – anywhere on earth. We have permanent representatives and customer service centres in over 100 countries to maintain that contact and to assist with projects – all in compliance with national norms, regulations, and legislative requirements with including the assistance of a strong central support group and hotline. LET'S TALK!


Transparency in the service of availability! Select your personal contact at AERZEN Adria:

Tomislav Hercigonja


T +385 42 370 804
F +385 42 370 018

Boris Gerić

Service and technical support

T +385 42 370 813
F +385 42 370 018

Ljubomir Živković

Representative Aerzen Adria Serbia d.o.o. Zlatiborska 5/dj 11420 Smederevska Palanka, Srbija

T +381 18 4520 417
F +381 18 4520 417


We guarantee optimal support for our machines all over the world – not just in our classic markets, but more and more in emerging economies and non-industrialised countries. There are over 2,500 AERZEN employees at work across the globe. 50 subsidiary companies internationally and over 200 service mechanics on all continents.

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Aerzen worldwide

AERZEN Headquarter

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AERZEN Headquarter

Aerzen Adria d.o.o.

Varaždinska, II odvojak 3
Jalkovec, HR, 42000 Varaždin

T +385 42 370 808
F +385 42 370 018