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100% process safety. Purity & reliability are in focus.

Discover this year's highlights and innovations for the powder and bulk solids industry at our virtual trade fair stand.

Innovative and 100% pure assembly concepts with absorption-free silencers solve your transport problem, while achieving a new level of efficiency. 

With extensive ATEX solutions, tailor-made accessory components, we face every challenge. Also find out how smart, digital control technology minimises the risk of failure of your plant and at the same time reveals further savings potential. Click through interactive animations, watch exciting videos or read more about our products and services in our brochures.

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Highlights at the fair

Delta Screw

One line for all volume flows

Delta Screw compressors for the compression of air and other neutral and aggressive gases.

  • Delta Screw with direct drive
  • Delta Screw with belt drive

Delta Hybrid

Efficiency as compression principle

Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressors for the wide range of key industrial applications, designed for oil-free conveying of air and neutral gases. For positive and negative pressure applications from -950 mbar to 1,500 mbar.

Delta Blower

A tough endurance runner

Delta Blower Generation 5 positive displacement blowers, which stand for Blower Power in the oil-free conveyance of air and neutral gases with a wide volume flow range of 30 to 15,000 m³/h at pressures from -500 mbar to 1,000 mbar.

Digital transformation of blower and compressor technology

What point have you reached in your digital transformation and how are you planning to move forward from here?  What possibilities arise from the digital transformation of blower and compressor technology?  Which previously unknown savings potentials can be identified within your processes?

Together with you we will find the answers to these questions. Contact us and let us show you the possibilities of AERprogress.

Your advantages

  • Process analysis and associated avoidance of quality or output problems
  • Integration of the AERZEN machines into the customer control system
  • Full insight into all process parameters as well as maintenance and error information
  • Protection of the machine technology and avoidance of downtimes
  • Continuous energy efficiency improvement and 1-click reports

Learn more about AERprogress at our virtual trade fair stand. We look forward to your visit!

Virtual trade fair stand

Savings potential through digital control technology.

On the way to Industry 4.0

Data-based services have the potential to support you in the operation of compressors to a completely different extent than before.

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