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Oil-free Screw Compressors VRa units

Screw compressors

Integral to your process efficiency: AERZEN process gas compressors.

AERZEN process gas compressors are installed as single or multiple stage units in chemical, petrochemical, raw material and energy producing plants and in many other production centres of the processing industry all over the world.

The unit is ideally suited for dry compression of all gases, which occur in chemical and petrochemical industries. Within the compression chambers there is no metallic contact among both rotors as well as to the casing. Thanks to synchronising gears the rotors run without contact to each other. Therefore, the conveying chambers remain unlubricated and the conveyed medium will not be contaminated.

The maximum (1350 mm) and the minimum rotor length (155 mm) give an impression of the entire breadth of the offer. For the adjustment to the different process gases, rotors made of steel or special steel and casing of nodular cast iron, steel- or special steel casting can be applied.

Technical Data: Suction volume flow up to: 75.000 m³/h, pressure range: -900mbar g to 52,0 bar g

The unit design can be effected acc. to the following guidelines:

  • DIN / EURO standards
  • NACE
  • AD-regulations
  • TEMA - standard
  • ASME VIII Div. 1, incl. U-stamp
  • API-guidelines
  • ATEX
Type of technology
Screw compressors
Volume flow
300 to 75,000 m3/h
air , neutral gases , process gases , aggressive gases

Standard compressors or individually designed packaged unit: AERZEN process gas screw compressor represents both.

The screw compressors are individually designed to fulfil widely differing requirements. The AERZEN process gas screw compressor uses the standard VRa-unit for the compressor block with specified ancillary accessories assembled together to form a well conceived package unit to suit each application. Construction requirements and specifications laid down by the various industrial organizations and inspection authorities  such as API or national standards will be considered according to the customer‘s demands.

The dry compression offers a large range of application possibilities.

Not only in the chemical industry, but also in other industry branches, AERZEN process gas screw compressors are applied in control air systems, industrial refrigeration plants, evaporation plants, mining industry and in iron and steel works. Practically all gases can be compressed, such as ammonia, argon, ethylene, acetylene, butadene, hydrochloric gas, natural gas, flare gas, blast furnace gas, marsh gas, helium, lime-kiln, coke oven, carbon monoxide, all hydrocarbon combinations, methane, propane, propylene, flue gas, crude gas, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen, styrene, vinylchloride and hydrogen gas.


  • Chemical and process technology
  • Control air systems
  • Industrial refrigeration plants
  • Evaporation plants
  • Mining industry
  • Iron and steel works
  • and many more

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