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Negative pressure stage with pre-inlet cooling

Positive Displacement Blowers

For conveying air

Proven 2-lobe or 3-lobe blower technology for plant engineering for forced conveyance at extreme negative pressure up to 80% vacuum. Oil-free and extremely robust. Belt or direct drive version. For stationary and vehicle application.


  • Housing with additional third socket on suction side for pre-inlet cooling
  • series GM . . . Sm with lube oil supply by splash lubrication. 6 sizes, intake volume flow 60 up to 16.000 m³/h
  • for an absolute pressure at inlet of approx. 200 mbar against atmosphere.
  • series GM . . . Lm with central oil circulating lubrication. 3 sizes, intake volume flow 16.000 up to 50.000 m³/h for an absolute pressure at inlet of approx. 400 mbar against atmosphere


The conveying chamber is sealed by means of an oil slinger in combination with 4 piston ring labyrinth seals with a central vent chamber.

The drive shaft is sealed by double radial seal rings with grease barrier.


Vertical, from top to bottom.


Direct coupling with motor or via spur gear resp. narrow v-belt drive up to size 19 for all loads.

Special material

Available in nodular graphite cast iron (EN-GJS-400-15 resp. EN-GJS-400-18).

Type of technology
Positive Displacement Blowers
Volume flow
60 to 45,000 m3/h
air , neutral gases , oxygen , toxic , combustible , explosive , corrosive , mixed
Negative Pressure
-800 mbar
Positive Pressure
0 mbar

Customized solutions for vacuum applications.

AERZEN Positive Displacement Blowers (of the "Roots" type design) have been manufactured since 1868 and today we are highly developed standard production machines designed and adapted to find use in a wide variety of applications.

Thereby AERZEN offers many customized solutions for the most diverse applications:


  • Pneumatic conveyance of bulk materials
  • Aeration
  • Filter backwashing
  • Gas conveyance
  • Degassing
  • Dust removal
  • Vacuum production
  • Biogas treatment 
  • Air separation plant
  • and many others


  • Chemical and process technology
  • Power plants 
  • Cement and lime
  • Foodstuffs
  • Paper
  • and many others

Accessories & solutions