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Oil-injected screw compressors stages VMX

Screw compressors

For stationary and mobile air compressors

Relying on the safety of a good decision

Powerful, efficient and designed for continuous operation: the oil-injected VMX Premium air ends from AERZEN have a proven track record for reliability in tough situations – regardless of local conditions. They can be used for both stationary and mobile air compressors and for temperatures between -10 and +45 °C. And with 10 power levels, they are sure to become your first choice when it comes to configuring high-quality air compressors.

Premium quality with many advantages.

  • First-class industry quality from Aerzen
  • Wide performance range for a wide variety of applications
  • Configurable for higher pressure ranges or admission pressure operation
  • Optimal efficiency through proper lubrication, cooling and rotor/housing sealing
  • High level of operational safety
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Contact-free rotors, no timing gears
  • Very few wear parts
  • No intake/exhaust valves that need maintenance
  • Low-vibration, low-noise operation
  • Compact size and low weight for easy installation
  • No special foundation necessary
  • All stages designed for frequency inverter operation
  • Global sales and service network
Type of technology
Screw compressors
Volume flow
70 to 3,180 m3/h
air , neutral gases
oil injected
Negative Pressure
-500 mbar
Positive Pressure
13,000 mbar

High efficiency, high quality and 20,000 hours of maintenance- free operation – that’s what you get with the VMX.

Screw compressors from Aerzen mean first-class workmanship and high-quality industrial materials. They also stand for extraordinary durability. Decisive factors when it comes to operating, maintenance and life-cycle costs. The rotors in the VMX air ends are practically contact-free for optimal efficiency, wear parts are kept to a minimum and there aren’t any intake/exhaust valves at all that would need maintenance. This means ideal maintenance conditions and a very long service life: you can hold off on that general inspection for a good 20,000 OH.

Compressed-air technology with system

Since 1943 AERZEN has designed and manufactured screw compressors. The application spectrum reaches from big process gas compressors for the chemistry to smaller oil-injected stages for standard  applications in the industry.

Based on the wide technical competence, the experienced staff and the constant active customer dialogue we offer our customers continuous innovative products and solutions.


In the following industries the AERZEN compressed air technology is being used: 

  • cement industry
  • plastics industry
  • industrial grain processing
  • wastewater treatment
  • and many more

Information & documents

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