Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH is one of the country’s top employers. In the industry sector machinery and plant engineering, the manufacturer of special machines of Aerzen reaches a strong 16th place, which is also the best result of a Lower Saxon company in this sector. This showed Germany’s largest survey with more than 70,000 judgements of employees concerning their own company.

Mr. Stephan Brand’s opinion, Marketing Manager at AERZEN, of the satisfying result of the company: “The great Feedback of our employees and, thus, the selection as one of Germany’s best employers makes us incredibly glad. This result confirms, however, it also serves as an incentive for us to continue along the path. Communication, team spirit, trust, engagement, initiative and a diversity of opinions are elementary pillars of our company and are rewarded by our employees worldwide”. On the question, what AERZEN makes so interesting as an employer, replies Brand: “In AERZEN, each employee can introduce actively his ideas. There is a wide-ranging creative freedom and, together we would like to give the market signals. Furthermore, there is a collegial, trusting culture and a long-standing relationship, further training and international experience of the employees as well as an international exchange of experience and staff would be actively promoted.

Employees assess employers, employees their chiefs. In the largest German survey of this kind, Focus determined in cooperation with Xing and kununu the 806 best employers with more than 500 employees of totally 22 sectors. In particular, the representative survey was carried out by the Hamburger Marktforschungsinstitut Statista: It is based on judgements of employees of all hierarchy and age groups. The respondents said, among other things, how satisfied they are with the management behaviour of their chief, their professional perspectives, the salary as well as the image of their employer. Moreover, the willingness to recommend for the own employer as well as for other employers was requested within the same sector. Altogether more than 70,000 judgements were used.

Ulrich Reitz, Focus-chief editor: „Ten years later, five million employees are less available for the companies than today, predicts the Federal Employment Agency. In order to be able to contact and retain well-trained specialists, companies have to improve their working conditions. From career opportunities via the working atmosphere up to salary – the big Focus-employer-ranking shows which companies in Germany offer their employees really exceptional job conditions.”

The employers, belonging to the leading employers of the country in Germany-wide Focus-comparison, receive the award “Top National Employers 2015”. All results of the employees survey will appear in the Focus-Special “The best employers of 2015”.

2015 Aerzen reaches a strong 16th place

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Top National Employers 2015

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In 2016, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH is again one of the best employers in Germany and has further improved compared to the previous year.

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH has entered the ranks of the country’s top employers. In machinery and mechanical engineering, AERZEN has claimed a strong fifteenth place as manufacturer of special machines, such as positive displacement blowers, rotary lobe compressors, screw compressors, turbo blowers and rotary piston gas meters. Exactly as in 2015, AERZEN has remained the best employer of Lower Saxony in this industry field. These are the results of Germany’s biggest research with more than 70,000 employees’ judgements about their own company.

Stephan Brand, AERZEN Marketing Manager, commented the pleasing results as follows: “The repeated award and the associated positive feedback from our employees, being recognised as one of Germany’s best employers, make us incredibly proud. Communication, team spirit, trust, commitment, initiative and diversity of opinions are fundamental cornerstones of our company. These values are being practised and honoured by our employees worldwide. The improvement in results compared with the previous year, shows us to continue our path consistently. We intend to further optimise our work processes and to ensure a better work-life balance. We want to provide a balanced working environment, as our employees are our greatest asset!”

When asked why AERZEN is such an interesting employer, Brand replied: “AERZEN employees have the opportunity to realise and implement their ideas and concepts within a team. Working together, we want to give the market a clear sign.” Brand added that AERZEN employees have always been practising a trustful and collegial co-operation, maintaining a long-time identification with the company. Continuous training and international experiences of our employees as well as an international exchange of know-how have always been supported by our corporate culture.

As in previous years, this survey has been particularly representative, as here, employees evaluate their employers and supervisors. In the course of this biggest German survey of its kind, Focus, in co-operation with Xing and kununu, determined the 1,000 best employers with more than 500 employees from 22 different industries. The special feature of the representative survey, which was carried out by the market research institute Statista in Hamburg: The survey was based on judgments from employees of different age groups and from different levels of hierarchy. The respondents assessed, e.g. the management behaviour of their supervisor, professional perspectives, salary and the employer’s image. In addition, the willingness to recommend the own employer and other employers within the same industry field had been surveyed. A total of more than 70,000 judgments had been used.

Focus chief editor, Ulrich Reitz:” It is impressing to see what kind of change in paradigms takes place within companies at present. No matter if chairmen of large corporations or managing directors of medium-sized companies, all of them have recognised that they need to enhance their attractiveness as an employer, when they want to recruit highly qualified junior employees and specialists. Modern skills development institutions are built and the employees are given enormous freedom in decision-making in familiar atmosphere. In short: A completely new work environment is being created. The new Focus-Spezial reveals who is most successfull here and provides a close insight into employees’ requests.”

The employers of German-wide Focus comparison receive the award “Top Nationaler Arbeitgeber 2016” (“Top National Employer 2016”). All results of the employee survey are published in the 185-sided edition Focus-Spezial “Die besten Arbeitgeber 2016” (“The best employers 2016”).


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