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Screw Blower Stage Delta Hybrid D 98 V

Screw Blowers

AERZEN Delta Hybrid D 98 V, the innovative screw blower stage with pre-inlet channel for pressure ranges from -950 to 1,500 mbar


Delta Hybrid is one of the most innovative and most successful series of compressor technology. The symbiosis of positive displacement blowers and screw compressors does not only provide increased energy efficiency by up to 20% but also exceeds the limits of the usual range of application. The new D 98 V achieves an overpressure of 1,500 mbar and a negative pressure of -950 mbar at full capacity. Consequently, you will reach the vacuum range with the innovative AERZEN blower stage.

Minus 950 mbar - the new performance category for negative pressure.

The further development of D 98 V is based on a technical innovation. The newly designed and optimised pre-inlet channels provide a targeted cooling in the range of the compression process which is mostly temperature intense. The negative pressure of -700 mbar, which is already high at standard, can even be increased up to -950 mbar. This new performance class surpasses the possibilities of conventional positive displacement blowers and screw blowers by a multiple.

Type of technology
Screw Blowers
Volume flow
264.87 to 3,178.44 CFM
air , neutral gases
Conveying / Compression
Negative Pressure
-13.78 psi
Positive Pressure
21.76 psi

With power and flexibility.

High performance capability combined with enormous energy efficiency: D 98 V offers a variety of new applications. With a range from -950 to 1,500 mbar, the Hybrid option offers an extraordinary range of services. From pneumatic conveyance to process engineering. From drive via diesel engine on a truck to the electric motor of a stationary installation. Delta Hybrid provides optimisation of loading and unloading times. The newly achieved energy efficiency reduces the energy consumption of systems and this has a positive effect on costs. In all cases, the new blower reliably supplies conveying air for negative and positive pressure ranges without any interruption.

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