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Process gas solutions

Screw compressors and rotary lobe blowers for applications in the process gas industry

Oil-free Screw Compressors VR units

The unit is ideally suited for dry compression of all gases, which occur  in chemical and petrochemical industries. Within the compression chambers there is no metallic contact among both rotors as well as to the casing. Thanks to synchronising gears the rotors run without contact to each other. Therefore, the conveying chambers remain unlubricated and the conveyed medium will not be contaminated.

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High-Pressure Blower GM

Special solutions for special applications. For cases when prepressurised media exit the pipes. And pressure differentials of up to 2,000 mbar are required. This is what the high-pressure blowers from AERZEN were designed to handle. For oil-free conveyance in the chemical and many other industries.

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Oil-injected screw compressors VMY series

AERZEN Screw Compressors VMY are oil injected and the ideal choice for a whole range of process gas and industrial applications, where reliability and low operating costs are prime requirements. The oil injection makes the compressor insensitive to fluctuating volumes, temperatures and pressures. Further fields of application: compression of biomethane or biogas on request.

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Process Gas Blowers series GR & GQ

All AERZEN oil-free process gas blowers have one thing in common: they are robust, high-performance machines. Unaffected by gas contaminants or moisture. Suitable for continuous fluid injection for gas cooling or cleansing. And they can be designed to include a wide range of special materials and seals.

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Individual and precisely tailored plant concepts create maximum efficiency. Reliability and flexibility are the hallmarks of true process reliability. AERZEN redefines technological excellence - as the sum of engineering know-how, a wide range of services from planning to after-sales service and the highest product quality. Decide for the efficient compressors and blowers made by AERZEN - proven in many application situations, suitable for nearly all media, unequalled reliable in operation and with flexible design according to individual customer specifications.

AERZEN range of applications in the process gas and cooling industry
AERZEN range of applications in the process gas and cooling industry
Screw compressors and positive displacement blowers for applications in the process gas and cooling industry

Engineering Know-How

For more than 65 years, AERZEN has developed unique expertise for the most demanding process gas applications in numerous industries. More than 10,000 machines and systems have been installed worldwide since we built Europe's first rotary piston machine in 1868. Since then, this history has grown into a pool of technology and know-how unparalleled anywhere in the world. Plants made by AERZEN are often used reliably for decades. In this way, we impressively document what it means to guarantee sustainable customer solutions through tailor-made engineering.