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Oil-free multi-stage screw compressor units series 2C

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AERZEN finds the right compressor solution for your application. The seamless overlap between performance ranges gives you maximum flexibility in volume sizes and optimal machine utilisation.

With two series featuring a water or air-cooled design (W = water-cooled, A = air-cooled) and an individual performance capacity and size, AERZEN offers you maximal plant performance. Because it has a higher power requirement, the two-stage screw compressor offers energy advantages; thanks to the overlap areas, there is no need to switch to the next size. This ensures optimal use of space and a faster return on investment. The water-cooled design makes heat recovery possible, for an even better energy balance.


The air-cooled (A) air compressors of AERZEN’s 2C series achieve an outstanding level of efficiency thanks to customised machine control. Perfectly designed in relation to the operating point, our compressors are versatile in use. Another advantage is that they are easy to maintain and the assemblies are easy to access.


The water-cooled (W) 2C series is characterised by reliable performance thanks to proven AERZEN engineering and the compact design. Because the design is optimised in relation to the operating point, the screw compressors achieve a high level of efficiency thanks to low pressure losses.

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Srauto tūris
166 iki 9.300 m3/h
Darbinis skystis
Oras , Neutralios dujos , special gases , inert gases
be alyvos
11.500 mbar


AERZEN oil-free, compressing screw compressors are used in a variety of highly demanding areas of application, namely those in which the quality of the conveyed medium can significantly influence the production process and the finished product. These applications are encountered in chemical/petrochemical process engineering, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, the food and beverage industry, the textile industry, the medical industry and many other areas.

Oil-free operation is vital for many processes, and for especially sensitive areas it is a must in terms of safety, reliability and availability. Accidental contamination can cause considerable risks, plant downtime, production losses and hence high costs. The innovative compressed air technology developed at AERZEN is absolutely oil-free according to ISO 8573-1, Class 0. We can therefore guarantee you 100 percent product purity. The possible consequences of a contaminated medium include not only contamination of the end product, but also contamination of the system as a whole and hence a total breakdown in production. All series are designed in accordance with the AERZEN safety standard: no oil can get into the rotor chamber and, therefore, the transport routes. But oil-free also means lower costs, because there is no need for complex filter technology and no need to prepare oil-based condensates. As a result, it is possible to avoid additional maintenance work and energy losses caused by pressure drops in filters. Oil-free operation saves resources, energy and thus helps to protect the environment.

Textile industry

For applications such as yarn and fabric production, dying, weaving, coiling and spinning, the textile industry requires oilfree process air that protects production facilities from damage and ensures that the final products are of high quality.

Food and beverages

To preserve the quality, odour and grade of the end product, production processes in the food and beverage industry have to rule out the possibility of oil contamination. This includes processes such as fermentation, the transport of powders and other substances, and the cleaning, filling, cooling, sealing and packaging of foods. As any risks may result in substantial costs due to production losses, the main goal here is to protect the end product.

Chemical and petrochemical industry

Chemical plants require an uninterrupted supply of compressed air for smooth, continuous operation, and oil-free compressors ensure that everything runs smoothly. The service life of the assemblies is an important aspect when the plants are used continuously.

Oil and gas industry

Heat, electricity and petrol are the products in this branch. At the same time, the control, instrument and puffer air has to be 100% oil-free. Pneumatic applications in the oil and gas industry are challenging and require the highest level of safety.

Electrical and semiconductor industry

For process requirements in this industry, the compressed air must be dry and oil-free. Downtime due to contaminated systems or entire product batches must be avoided at all costs. It goes without saying that compressed air has to be reliable and readily available.

Medical and pharmaceutical technology

In the sensitive areas of medical and pharmaceutical technology, a number of applications have to be equipped with completely reliable and exceptionally clean, purified medical process air. An uninterrupted supply of compressed air must be guaranteed in every situation.

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2C51W -> max. 5700 m³/h Techniniai duomenys

Oil-free multi-stage screw compressor units series 2C 2C51W -> max. 5700 m³/h
Sraigtiniai kompresoriai
Oil-free multi-stage screw compressor units series 2C
Darbinis skystis
Oras , Neutralios dujos , special gases , inert gases
be alyvos
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