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Efficient oxygen input thanks to tailor-made solutions and new blower generations.

Biological activation accounts for up to 80% of a wastewater treatment plant’s total energy requirements. Aerzener Maschinenfabrik has set itself the task of discovering hidden energy potentials in aeration to improve its efficiency and optimise it: Performance³ is a tailor-made machine configuration based on advanced technologies that enables energy savings of up to 30%. With the addition of the technology series Delta Blower G5plus and Aerzen Turbo G5plus, AERZEN is once again proving its ability to innovate. The next generation takes the efficiency of the Performance³ solution to a new level.

The load profiles in municipal and industrial biological wastewater treatment plants are subject to strong fluctuations. Climatic, seasonal or geographical factors influence treatment processes depending on peak or base loads at specific day or operating times. An optimal solution for energy-efficient oxygen supply requires that the blower configuration be tailored to individual load profiles and thus meets the highly fluctuating air requirements as accurately as possible.

The AERZEN Performance3 concept not only refers to the product portfolio consisting of the Delta Blower positive displacement blower, the Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressor, and the Aerzen Turbo blower, but also and especially to the individual solution and the best possible interaction between technologies. After all, every technology has its strengths, as well as its physical limits. Turbo blowers, for example, stand out in terms of design due to their unbeatable energy efficiency. At the same time, the control range of turbo machines is limited to between 40% and 100%, and the efficiency decreases under partial-load operation. This is where rotary piston machines really shine, however. They offer a control range of 25% to 100% and offer almost the same level of efficiency even under partial-load operation. When searching for the most efficient solution, it’s therefore necessary to configure the machine technologies to meet the individual requirements of each plant. While it used to be common practice to install blowers of just one size, today’s plants often feature a mix of different sizes or even technologies. Savings of up to 30% are possible. The AERZEN Performance³ concept offers you a bespoke solution based on blower, hybrid, and turbo technologies.

The Performance³ solution is perfectly complemented by AERZEN's new AERsmart superordinate global control system. This machine control software ensures that air volumes are optimally allocated to the corresponding technologies and their individual efficiencies. This makes it possible to achieve outstanding efficiency levels that can closely approximate the theoretically possible optimal value, creating potential savings of up to 15%. At the same time, AERsmart offers maximum transparency and a 360-degree view of the blower station.

The outstanding features of the two new blower generations include a compact design for a particularly space-saving installation and top-rated energy savings. The outstanding features of the Aerzen Turbo G5plus include the innovative double-coated air foil bearing and the new multilevel frequency converter technology (> 55 kW), which minimises heat losses in the motor and thus significantly improves overall efficiency. Another advantage is that the converter eliminates the need for an additional motor choke or a sinusoidal filter, which are required for standard frequency converters. The Aerzen Turbo G5plus are available with flow rates from 300 m3/h to 8,400 m3/h and with a maximum pressure of 1,000 mbar. There are currently eight sizes, from the small AT 25-0.8 G5plus to the largest model AT 200-1.0 G5plus, with five more in development.

Thanks to the new acoustic hood concept, the new Delta Blower G5plus positive displacement blower packages can save up to 10% space in the installation area. Electrically driven fans and intake filter silencers with the lowest flow losses ensure effectiveness with increased efficiency. AERZEN supplies the technically optimised and expanded Delta Blower G5plus assembly concept in 2 sizes for volume flows from 440 m3/h to a maximum of 3,600 m3/h. Two other sizes are already being planned.

Application specialist AERZEN is already demonstrating its extensive expertise in the analysis phase for existing plant configurations. The on-site measurement records all relevant key figures, which are then used as the basis for putting together the optimal Performance3 machine constellation.

LET'S TALK – dialogue for best performance

AERZEN offers personal consultations to support planners, plant construction companies and operators in search of the most economical and long-term, future-oriented process air solution. Aerzener Maschinenfabrik’s initiative is well received – not least because stricter legal requirements require dedicated solutions.

Conclusion: the sooner you discuss an investment for the most efficient plant configuration with AERZEN’s wastewater specialists, the faster a return on investment is possible.

AERZEN is presenting the new G5plus series and the ground-breaking Performance³ efficiency concept at leading trade fair IFAT in Munich from 14 to 18 May 2018 in hall A3, stand 351/450.

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