Rotary Piston Gas Meters

Precision technology for the energy supply industry.

AERZEN is one of the oldest and biggest manufacturers of rotary piston gas meters in the world. With the current generation, the expert in rotary lobe machines supplies high precision meters for the energy supply industry. Analogue or digital. Designed in accordance with the harmonised EU regulations for use in the European market. Made by AERZEN in compliance with the quality assurance system DIN ISO 9001 and the Pressure Equipment Directive DGRL 97/23/EC.

Precision for every medium.

AERZEN rotary piston gas meters can measure all nonaggressive gases as per the DVGW Worksheet. G 260, including natural gas, town gas, coke oven gas, refinery gas, propane, butane, liquid gas and air mixtures, methane, ethylene, hydrogen and other gases. The gas meters are equipped for horizontal and vertical flow directions. For this, they are fitted with either a special double-roller counter or a digital counter. This is a decisive advantage, because it means that the direction of flow can be adjusted without necessitating any changes to the counter, and without requiring supervised calibration. This not only reduces storage requirements, but also brings reductions in additional costs for short-term adjustments. Switching to the required direction of flow on site is easy and requires no tools.

Tested & certified.

AERZEN rotary piston gas meters meet the key requirements of the European standard for gas meters EN 12480. At the same time, those statutory regulations (Weights and Measures Act, calibration regulations) which AERZEN complies with n designing, testing and approving its products also apply. All AERZEN gas meters comply with the design require-ments specified in DVGW Worksheet G 492/II and with DIN 30690 T 1, DIN 3230 T 5 and the Pressure Equipment Directive DGRL 97/23/EC. They are subjected to the pressure and leakage tests prescribed therein. The housing materials meet the requirements of DIN EN 13445-2 with PED-QM certification with acceptance test certificate EN 10204/3.1.B.