Edition 01/13

Article and Compact news

Our AERZEN customer journal "AERZEN com.press" will provide you with detailed information at regular intervals about our company, our products and application solutions.


Hybrid meets Hybrid – for purest coffee enjoyment

From storage of the green coffee up to packaging machine: the roast machine manufacturer Probat in Emmerich relies on Delta Blowers and Delta Hybrids for the pneumatic conveyance of the black gold.

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From biogas treatment to feeding of biomethane

With the establishment of the “Business Unit Biogas“ in mid-2012, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik has taken a new path, in order to better serve a steadily increasing group of clients, by taking care of the projects of the biogas treatment resp. feeding.

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Aerzen Mexico

Aerzen Mexico had two reasons to celebrate at the end of last year: the subsidiary celebrated its 10th anniversary, and at the same time inaugurated its new building.

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Delta Screw now even more energy-efficient

A compressor concept, well-proven over many years, shows that it is still more than capable of meeting modern requirements. The result: an oil-free compressor which sets new standards in energy efficiency and reliability.

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Innovative oil-free Air Compressors

Thanks to the new series VMW, AERZEN SYSTEMS offers an alternative technology in regard to dry-compressing or oil-injected compressors: Water is injected in a single stage compressor for cooling and lubrication of the screw rotors.

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Rotary Lobe Compressors instead of Surface Aerators

PCK refinery converted its aeration basin with a size of 2,000 cubic metres from surface aeration by means of surface aerators to areatype aeration on the ground of the basin. In the pilot project, a new container station with three Aerzen rotary lobe compressors series Delta Hybrid makes available...

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Aerzen Further Expands Its Infrastructure

In spite of the sluggish economy Aerzener Maschinenfabrik is adhering to vision 2020 and pressing ahead with the development of its infrastructure.

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Always a Suitable Spare Part at Hand

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik has been offering spare parts kits for maintenance tasks in the German market for several months.

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Turbo Blowers Share the Load

Thanks to two new Aerzen Turbo Blowers an industrial sewage treatment plant now works with highest energy efficiency in the Netherlands – inspite of the large capacity utilisation bandwidth from 50 up to 100 percent.

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Compact news

ISO-Certificate for Aerzen Mexico

At the end of December 2012 Aerzen Mexico was certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2008. Sales, after- sales and maintenance of blowers, compressors and gas meters all comply with the quality management standard. The certificate is valid until the end of 2015

New sales engineer for the Asia-Pacific region

In November 2012, Axel Wehling became the new sales engineer for the Asia-Pacific region. Hismain responsibility, together with Regional Manager, Chuck Lim, is to expand Aerzen’s business across the region. As a graduate in technical business administration, and from his time working in the capitalgoods industry, Wehling has international experience in projects involving multiphase positive displacement pumps and systems in the oil and gas sector.

Delta Hybrid D 152 in field testing

The extension of the series Delta Hybrid range of products is progressing: in the meantime, the development of the next size D 152 has been completed. This machine can be used with negative pressure up to -700 mbar and with positive pressure up to 1,500 mbar at a volume flow of up to 9,000 m3/h.The first machines D 152 S and D 152 H for field testing have already been supplied and commissioned. Field testing will continue until the end of this year. Supply of the first serial machines D 152 S and D 152 H is scheduled for early 2014.

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik is a Trusted Partner

In the middle of last year Aerzener Maschinenfabrik gained the so-called AEO- certificate (“Authorised Economic Operator”) and was thus confirmed as a highly trusted trading partner within the European Union.The advantages of gaining this certification include fewer goods controls and accelerated customs procedures. Since 1st July an agreement has come into force between the U.S. and the EU, which simplifies imports and exports considerably. Consequently, the U.S. and the EU will mutually recognise their authorised economic operators - with “C-TPAT” in the U.S. which corresponds with “AEO” in Europe.Companies will benefit from quicker inspections and lower costs in respect of customs clearance.

Water-Injected Compressor Series Expands

For generating absolutely oil-free compressed air, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik has developed the new VMW-water stage. New, single stage VMW water stages working up to 13 bar have already been tested successfully under practical conditions and in continuous hard operation. Besides considerably improved efficiency they also offer significantly reduced maintenance expenditure, and are available for the time being for driving capacities of 45 to 110 kilowatts, and for maximum intake volume flows of between 13.4 and 17.2 cubic metres per minute. The new Aerzen VMW-water stages were designed exclusively for directly drive. They work at speeds of 1,500 to 5,000 rotations per minute and can be used in plants with constant speed as well as in demand- controlled plants.

New Aerzen subsidiary in Taiwan

On 1st January 2013 Aerzener Maschinenfabrik established a new subsidiary in Taiwan. All orders and financial transactions of Aerzen Asia Singapore - Taiwan Representative Office, so the entity’s official name, are settled through Aerzen Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore which is the 100 per cent owner of the new entity. A new country manager is now located in Taipei- he replaces C.C. Lin of Tiphery Corp. who has coordinated business in Taiwan for Aerzener Maschinenfabrik for the past 20 years. With the establishment of this new entity, Aerzen will significantly strengthen its presence in Taiwan.

Improved performance: Delta Hybrid D 98 V

The requirements for Aerzen machines increase continually – this is due to the constantly increasing fields of application. Aerzener Maschinenfabrik received an order to design a Delta Hybrid-stage which can be used in negative pressure up to-900 mbar.Aerzen met the challenge and developed the Delta Hybrid D 98 V. In this case the “V“ stands for “Vacuum“. The design has been completed and the first field tests will start shortly. In particular,the stage can be used in both stationary as well as in mobile areas.Another advantage, particularly for vehicle manufacturers, is the weight-performance ratio. In the past, a screw compressor or a blower with pre-inlet could be used for a negative pressure of -900 mbar. With the Delta Hybrid D 98 V a negative pressure up to -900 mbar as well as an overpressure of 1.500 mbar at a volume flow up to 5.400 m3/h can be realized.This means that, Delta Hybrid D 98 V combines the advantages of the blower with preinlet and those of the screw compressor – with a low space requirement.

New Managing Director at Aerzen Switzerland

Marcel Strotz will take over the management of Aerzen Switzerland as of 1st April 2013. Strotz, who has been working at Aerzener Maschinenfabrik since December 2012, will replace longtime Managing Director, Vito Jahn, who is retiring after many years of loyal service.

New Managing Director at Aerzen do Brazil

Rainer von Siegert has become the new Managing Director of the Brazilian subsidiary, Aerzen do Brazil, as of 1st January 2013.Von Siegert has been working for the Aerzen Group since August 2012,when he assumed the MD role on a temporary basis following a sudden change in management at the Brazilian subsidiary.

Poland voted Delta Hybrid “Product of the Year”

The Polish specialist journal “Ulrzymanie Ruchu” (Ger. plant engineering) has voted Aerzen rotary piston compressor Delta Hybrid “Product of the Year 2012” in Poland.In the first phase, a jury of four had assessed all the submitted products. Then, in the second phase, the readers of the print and online edition decided on the awarding of the coveted title. This positive assessment of Delta Hybrid was primarily due to its energy efficiency.On 20th March representatives of Aerzen subsidiary in Poland accepted theaward on the fair AUTOMATICON in Warsaw.