Edition 03/13

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Aerzen Screw Compressors in ArcelorMittal’s beam rolling mill

Two oil-free Delta Twin DTS 35 WG screw compressors are used in ArcelorMittal’s largest beam rolling mill. They ensure a safe production in spite of pressure drops in the distribution system, together with a turbo compressor, superordinated control unit and absorption drier.

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Major Inspection at CERN

The European large-scale research institution CERN in Geneva has the world’s largest particle accelerator, which is subject to a general overhaul - including the installed compressors made by Aerzener.

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Aerzen Positive Displacement Blower

At the Sindorf waterworks an Aerzen service technician came across an ‘old treasure’.

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External compressed air emergency supply for briquette factory of RWE

Due to repairs, the Wachtberg briquette factory in Frechen had to temporarily shut down its compressed air station and the corresponding electrical switchgear. But a compressed air supply should not be interrupted - particularly when you have a total delivery volume of 282 m3/min.The solution: an...

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Modern extraction systems in the lignite-fired power plant of Vattenfall

Coal dust deposits pose a very high explosion risk. This is why the working areas at Vattenfall Europe AG’s lignite-fired power plant in Boxberg are cleaned by permanently installed extraction systems on a regular basis. The necessary negative pressure is generated by an Aerzen positive displacement...

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Compact news

Pleasant and Successful Co-operation

Pleasant and Successful Co-operation

For the first time in Aerzener Maschinenfabrik’s company history, the engineering for a VMY compressor package has been carried out in Aerzen, within a recently completed and very successful process gas project. Our subsidiary, Aerzen USA, was responsible for the project management, the packaged unit assembly and start-up.A packaged unit, specially designed for the American market, is the oil-injected compressor, type VMY 436 B. This machine differs from the established Aerzen standard in a number of essential respects. The customer, Tesoro, a leading company in the American energy industry, stipulates that components have to originate mainly from American manufacturers.The design process was the result of close team- work between Aerzen USA and the design management unit of the Process Gas Division (PGD). In consultation with possible suppliers, the components were integrated into a 3D model of the entire unit. Installation and a functional test of the packaged unit were carried out by a qualified American packager under the leadership of Aerzen USA and the department PGD.

Spare Parts: Better Take the Original!

Aerzen original spare parts are specially designed for the compressors and blowers of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik. Consequently, they provide a high degree of reliability and safety. In addition, Aerzen After Sales Service offers warranty, a large inventory and a quick identification of the correct parts as well as short delivery and response times. In short: Confidence is good – Original is better!

30th Anniversary of Aerzen USA

In September, Aerzen USA celebrated its 30th anniversary. Before the start of the official events to mark this anniversary, a “National Sales Meeting” took place. All representatives from environmental engineering, as well as employees of Aerzen Canada and Aerzen Mexico, were invited. Nearly 60 staff members participated in this conference, such that nearly every agent and almost every Federal State in the U.S. had been represented. This underlines the strong market presence and significance of Aerzen USA. During the two-day conference, the product programme of Blower, Hybrid and Turbo had priority. Special attention was also given to a new test bench at Aerzen USA, and a live presentation of a Hybrid and a Turbo package was given.The anniversary events included an “Open House” day, as well as an evening event for employees. Aerzen USA welcomed more than 200 guests to this event, mainly customers and suppliers, but also a number of local business leaders.The culmination of the anniversary events was the first “North American Service Meeting” which took place the following week in the premises of Aerzen USA.

40th Anniversary of Aerzen Machines Limited

Aerzen Machines Limited, based in Loughton, Essex, celebrated its 40th anniversary in November. This subsidiary is responsible for the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland, and is certified as per ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and checked by UVDB, SAFE Contractor, PICS. The subsidiary has been acknowledged as an ‘Investor in People’.In recent years, the company has invested heavily in personnel, and in organisational and technical matters. Product managers are responsible for the following fields: process gas, biogas and compressed air. In addition, a new grinding and painting machine has been installed and a special test bench has been developed.

Aerzen Andina in New Premises

In July, Aerzen subsidiary Aerzen Andina, which was founded in 2007, moved into its new premises near the Andean metropolis of Bogota in Colombia. The availability of more space, and better working conditions, convinced Managing Director Ricardo Castillo to make this move. Eleven employees work at the 650 m2 new premises and they take care of customers from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia in respect of blowers and compressors. Castillo is optimistic, that the additional capacity will be fully utilised within five years. At present, Aerzen Andina is working on comprehensive plans to pro- vide even better support to the key customers in the neighbouring countries