Edition 01/14

Article and Compact news

Our AERZEN customer journal "AERZEN com.press" will provide you with detailed information at regular intervals about our company, our products and application solutions.


With solid values through turbulent times

AERZEN looks back on a turbulent year. The predominant event was surely the introduction of the SAP programme, which, as expected, presented a challenge for the company. Despite this, there were numerous successes, with a number of constructive developments undertaken, and there was positive...

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AERZEN’s new brand positioning

To mark our 150th anniversary, AERZEN has a new brand positioning. This includes a new brand awareness campaign as well as a new brand appearance.

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150 years AERZEN, part 1, 1864-1930

In 2014, AERZEN looks back on 150 years of company history, characterised by an ability to meet demand for high quality products and coming up with innovative product ideas. We present here, to mark our anniversary, some of the product highlights of our family-owned company.

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Proven co-operation

In a joint project with Gericke BV and Hosokawa Micron BV at
 the beginning of February 2014, Aerzen Nederland supplied eleven vacuum blowers for a plant in Russia producing detergents.

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VRa 736 S for BASF Antwerp

AERZEN Belgium supplies a screw compressor VR 736 for a new plant for the extraction of butadiene at BASF Antwerp.

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Aerzen China

Shortly after the Chinese New Year, on 10th February 2014, groundbreaking for the new building of Aerzen China was celebrated in Shanghai.

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Investments at AERZEN

Almost two years ago, the first section of the flexible manufacturing system Fastems was successfully integrated into our production. The first extension then followed at the end of February 2014.

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Turbo blowers made by AERZEN for base load, Delta Hybrids for peak load

Turbogebläse aus AERZEN für die Grund-, Delta Hybrid die für SpitzenlastEvery sewage plant has two major cost elements: the sewage duty and the energy costs for the generation of process air for the aeration basins. A sewage plant in Kaiserslautern has succeeded in signifcantly reducing both cost...

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Compact news

New service station for Aerzen Polska

The Aerzen subsidiary in Poland, Aerzen Polska, officially inaugurated its new service station at the end of last year. After extensive renovation of its spacious, newly acquired building in Katowice, all Aerzen blowers situated in Poland can now be maintained and repaired there. Three new crane systems with a load capacity of up to 10,000 kilograms provide a better and more extensive scope of service. The service team, under the leadership of Przemyslaw Tomczak, has grown to 29 employees. At the official opening ceremony, Aerzen Polska welcomed about 160 customers and guests, besides the Aerzen management and employees of the headquarters. Aerzen Polska is already planning for further growth: The rental machinery business will be developed. Therefore, an agency of AIR will move in within a short time.

New size Delta Hybrid D 152

The new and successful rotary lobe compressor range Delta Hybrid made by AERZEN has now been extended with the addition of a unit of a new size. Customers can select from an extensive range the optimal unit for their application. Delta Hybrid is a synergy of blower and compressor technology, and offers completely new possibili- ties in overpressure and negative pressure gen- eration of air and neutral gases by combining the technical advantages of both concepts.With 16 sizes in all, the Delta Hybrid units now cover intake volume flows of 110 m3/h to 9,000 m3/h and overpressures up to 1,500 mbar. The new sizes D 152 S and D 152 H are used in the upper volume flow range of from 2,400 to 9,000 m3/h with driving powers of up to 400 kW.

Automatic re-lubrication devices

AERZEN has for many years been offering service contracts in various categories. These contracts are handled up to twice a year by an Aerzen service technician. Packaged units with high annual operating times may require more service calls for the relubrication interval of the electric motors.AERZEN has included automatic re-lubrication devices in the After Sales Service Programme, in order to offer a solution to the users. These systems are driven by electric motors; the dispensers are provided with the necessary power supply by an integrated removable battery which guarantees an operational period of at least 12 months. Cartridges for the dispensers are available in 3 different sizes and various types of lubrication. The devices can be applied at temperatures from 10 °C to +60 °C. Thanks to corresponding programming, the dispensed quantity can be very accurately dosed and adjusted to the requirements of the electric motor. Therefore, an efficient and safe lubrication without downtime is guaranteed. In this way it can be ensured that the system is permanently available.Retro-fitting of new AERZEN machine lubrication devices is also possible for existing standard motors.

AERZEN goes App

Of late, AERZEN has been offering company- designed applications in the famous App stores. These include a unit converter specially for compressors applications, converting important parameters like pressures, temperatures, volume flows and performance data simply and quickly into diverse units. In addition, there are Apps available for the latest products, including Delta Hybrid, Delta Screw and AERZEN Turbo. All Apps are designed for Android as well as for Apple Systems. And best of all: AERZEN Apps are free of charge.

Personnel changes at Aerzen Turbo

Mr. Chungsup Um started work as Managing Director of Aerzen Turbo on 2nd December 2013, succeeding Rob Lammers. Prior to taking up this role the 44 year-old had worked as a consultant for various other internationalcompanies. Early in 2014, Lammers returned to Europe to become Director Turbo Business for Aerzen International Sales GmbH. After working for three years in Korea for Aerzen Turbo, which he set up with a number of other colleagues, Lammers is now responsible for sales development, organisation of the Turbo business and improving of the Turbo production network.

New regional manager for America

At the beginning of 2014 Friedrich Harten was appointed regional manager within Aerzen International Sales, and he is thus responsible for the control and operational leadership of the sales and servicenetwork of the AERZEN group in America. The graduate engineer in mechanical engineering has many years of experience in the capital goods industry. He has worked in various positions with international orientation, in both big concerns as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises. In his most recent role he worked for a German-American pump manufacturer focussing on the oil and gas industry.