Edition 02/14

Article and Compact news

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From fresh water to waste water

Water is the elixir of life at every paper mill. At UPM Nordland Papier in Dörpen, Lower Saxony, AERZEN Delta Blowers and Delta Hybrids contribute to the economical use and careful treatment of this precious element.

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Subsidiary company Aerzen Hungária Kft.

From a local manufacturer of agricultural machines to a global player: with its product innovations, AERZEN has always underlined its international importance and future orientation.

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150 years AERZEN, part 2 1931–1984

From a local manufacturer of agricultural machines to a global player: with its product innovations, AERZEN has always underlined its international importance and future orientation.

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IFAT - world’s leading fair for sewage management

From 5th to 9th May, AERZEN presented a variety of branch relevant products and solutions to customers and prospective customers at the IFAT. The main focus was on the compound operation of AERZEN technologies Blower, Hybrid and Turbo: the message “Performance3” was the key thread running through...

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AERZEN Positive Displacement Blower in vacuum cleaning systems of EMDE

Messrs. EMDE use AERZEN Positive Displacement Blowers in their vacuum cleaning systems – the ideal solution for the effective, efficient and safe cleaning of large units.

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Events concerning 150th anniversary

150 years AERZEN, a new administration building, a new logistics centre. Many reasons to celebrate, with all persons that contributed to the company’s success: On 22nd May about 800 customers and partners were invited to celebrate the anniversary together with AERZEN. On 24th May a big celebration...

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Compact news

Intelligent G5 logistics in South Africa

Airgas Compressors, AERZEN’s South African subsidiary, has taken over the logistics for the import of Generation 5 on the African continent and developed an efficient concept for this:unlike the previous model that had been manufactured and assembled at site except for the stage, now, the G5 packaged units are imported as complete machines and are only partly assembled in South Africa. Thanks to this well thought- out transport and assembly concept, Airgas Compressors is able to serve its customers quickly and efficiently across Africa.

Replacement after 30 years

In 1984, AERZEN supplied an oil-free screw com- pressor, type VRo 936L, to the Italian chemical company Versalis. This machine had been used in a process for the manufacture of polystyrene foam. Apart from periods when it was undergoing regular servicing, the compressor had been in continuous operation for 30 years!More than a quarter of a million operating hours had been reason enough for the customer to replace the machine with a new compressor stage from AERZEN. As a result, the course has been set for the future, in order to keep the work at this production plant running without any problems. The key challenge in the production of this compressor stage VR, which was delivered in January, was its tremendous weight: almost 34 tons!

The service fleet has a new look

Our new brand positioning AERZEN also includes the service vehicles: the cars have so far been branded with the new logo and given a special white varnish paint treatment. For the transport of spare parts and tools for assembly work, the car boots have all been equipped with special vehicle floor-plates. With a view to the well-being of the service technicians who have to drive many thousands of kilometres every year, the service cars have been equipped with special health seats.

A helping hand is natural

One of the most devastating fires in the history of Chile raged on 12th April in the mountains around Valparaiso and destroyed at least 2,500 houses. Also a colleague of Aerzen Chile was directly affected and lost his house in the disaster. “Team spirit and social commitment are among the basic values of AERZEN, therefore, for us as a team, we took it for granted that we must help our colleague”, Octavio Alarcón V., managing director Aerzen Chile, comments.The employees collected donations in kind, organised a new accommodation and helped with the cleaning up.A total of 11,000 people were made homeless as a result of the fire, another 6,000 had to be evacuated. 15 people died in the fire and 10 more were seriously injured.

Delta Blower in new E-Design

Energy efficiency is a key issue today, especially in compressor technology, where energy costs amount to more than 90 percent of product life cycle costs (considered over a period of ten years). Now AERZEN has complemented its blower series Delta Blower Generation 5 with new design, characterised by top marks in terms of energy saving. The new E-Design uses up to four percent less energy, depending on volume flow and differential pressure. This improved energy efficiency is the result of numerous enhancements, such as a flow-optimised guide for the intake air in the acoustic hood and in the filter silencer. The patented intake cone minimises both pressure losses and sound input. Furthermore, the cooling system design has been revised. Instead of a mechanically driven acoustic hood fan, an electrical fan is now used, which ensures perfect ventilation at lowest power consumption.

As with all AERZEN series, the E-Blower is also characterized by absolute reliability and longevity. It is a robust endurance runner in innumerable compression processes where air and neutral gases have to be conveyed oilfree.

It is available in six sizes for intake volume flows from approximately 30 m3/h up to 1.000 m3/h and overpressures up to 1000 mbar resp. negative pressures up to 500 mbar.

Certifications for Emmerthal

Emmerthaler Apparatebau, a subsidiary of AERZEN, is pleased about receiving three new certifications: the first of these came when, TÜV Nord granted certification for the integration of the working and health protection management system BS OHSAS 18001 into the existing quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 in October.Then, at the beginning of December, Emmerthaler Apparatebau received its China- Manufacturer-License for a further four years, with no deviations found during the audit. In January 2014, the Joint-Review and the extension to the U2-stamp followed, necessary for ASME- U-stamp for pressure vessels in higher pressure stages (>200 bar). Emmerthaler Apparatebau was also duly certified in this case.

New logistics concept

The new AERZEN logistics centre is nearing completion. With the opening of the logistics centre, the trucks will follow a new route on the premises. The position of the entrance for trucks which deliver goods will be relocated from the entrance at the federal highway B1 to a new entrance at the street called Wiesenweg, including a new gatehouse.The planning for a high-performance high-bay storage facility, with a picking zone in front, to be situated next to the logistics centre, has started in parallel with the final building measures.With the new logistics concept AERZEN takes into account the permanent, worldwide growth of the company.