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Integrated Industry - Manage your process air with cleverness


Digitisation is a central feature of industrial development. The Hanover Fair, for example, will for the second time have the motto "Integrated Industry". The solution competence of AERZEN shows how the intelligent networking of man and machine in compressor technology can look like.

The interaction of the control and monitoring components AERsmart, AERtronic and Webview from AERZEN is the special performance of the entire process design at the customer. Aerzener Maschinenfabrik sees its role as a leading technology development company in the field of blower and compressor stages in comprehensive solutions - and this includes intelligent communication systems. Synchronising and optimising processes to achieve maximum efficiency and availability requires transparency in all areas and the reliable exchange of information.

AERtronic controls the compressed air processes. AERtronic's control system includes all common interfaces such as MODBUS RTU (standard), PROFIBUS DP, MODBUS Gateway between RTU and MODBUS TCP (Ethernet) and PROFINET©.

Touchscreen navigation is intuitive and user-friendly. All operating data are archived, logged and enable reliable evaluation. Maintenance cycles can be planned and carried out in advance on the basis of operating hours. As an option, the control can be set up depending on the system pressure, which makes operation even more energy-efficient. As a master version, the overall performance of the system can be improved via AERtronic. The utilisation of individual machines within the entire network can also be displayed more homogeneously. Energy savings of up to 15% can be achieved by switching compressors on and off according to consumption and demand. Optimising the running times of the compressors and the maintenance intervals will result in additional savings.

As an innovative machine control system, AERsmart represents the most intelligent component in the communication network. With AERsmart, the required oxygen demand in the wastewater tank can be distributed to the machine park in such a way that low, medium and high loads are served as best as possible within the configuration of the plant. The respective load profiles are answered precisely and efficiently. The result: clever load distribution thanks to smart controlled combination operation.

Webview is the central control element for transparency in machine park management. The module can be easily integrated into the control panel via plug-and-play and offers access to relevant data and facts from anywhere in the world. Once connected to the system, Webview can be used to retrieve all process data via the PC, smart phone or tablet. Locally or worldwide, as a relevant building block for your industry 4.0

The company shows how customers can position themselves for the future under the premise Industry 4.0 in individual applications. AERZEN refers here to its high advisory competence in personal dialogue.

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