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Roadshow 2024

Aerzen Deutschland is hitting the road from the 4th to the 28th of March in Germany. Join us and learn the latest from AERZEN and get access to know-how and years of experience directly from the manufacturer.

KROHNE Water & Wastewater

AERZEN is a partner of the KROHNE Water & Wastewater Academy in February/March 2024 - the interdisciplinary seminar series on "Safety and increasing efficiency in water supply and wastewater disposal".

Samba in the aeration tank

Bangu wastewater treatment plant (Brazil): maximum efficiency thanks to Nereda® process and AERZEN Delta Hybrid.

Aerzen México remains on growth path

For over 20 years, AERZEN has offered its products and services in Mexico, from where the group covers a region that also includes Central America and some Caribbean countries like Cuba.


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Product News

Discover AERZEN's range of blowers and compressors as well as modifications, accessories and services. Dive into the latest updates on AERZEN products and uncover the reasons why AERZEN stands out as the premier choice for state-of-the-art technology.

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Application News

For decades, leading companies across industries have relied on AERZEN when it comes to reliable solutions that offer efficiency and flexibility. Stay tuned for application news from around the globe and discover why AERZEN remains the go-to choice for innovative solutions.

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For 160 years, AERZEN has been at the forefront of designing high-performance machines for various industries. Explore the knowledge accumulated over decades and immerse yourself in our latest news and innovations.

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AERZEN, a globally-operating company with family flair, has been expanding its presence worldwide for 160 years. Discover exciting insights and dive into the world of AERZEN. A world where innovation, quality and sustainability shape the future of the industry.

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