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AERZEN Turbo blower Generation 5plus

Turbo Blowers

More compact, more efficient, better

With the new generation Aerzen Turbo G5plus AERZEN has developed the most compact and efficient turbo in its class.

The now introduced series Aerzen Turbo G5plus lives up to its name, because it convinces through numerous advantages. The new turbos have an extremely compact design and require very little space. Further outstanding features are the innovative AERZEN air foil bearings with double coating and the new multilevel frequency converter technology (> 55 kW), which reduces the heat loss in the motor to a minimum and, consequently, improves the total efficiency significantly. A further advantage: an additional motor throttle or a sine filter, which have to be used on conventional frequency converters, is no longer necessary.

A further decisive development are the new air foil bearings with double coating consisting of Teflon and graphite. It convinces through an increased temperature resistance and lifetime of > 80,000 hours of operation independently from start and stop cycles.

Aerzen Turbo G5plus is offered for volume flows from 300 m³/h to 8,400 m³/h and for a maximum pressure of 1,000 mbar. Eight sizes from the small AT 25-0.8 G5plus to the largest model AT 200-1.0 G5plus are currently available, five more are in preparation.

The advantages at a glance

  • Increase in energy efficiency by up to 10 percent compared to conventional turbo technology
  • Extended bearing life thanks to innovative AERZEN air foil bearings with double coating, maximum reliability even under extreme operating conditions
  • 100 percent oil-free
  • Low maintenance effort, only regular filter change
  • Extended application possibilities at ambient temperatures up to 50 °C
  • Active pump protection through automatic speed increase
  • Space-saving design
Type of technology
Turbo Blowers
Positive pressure
Volume flow
211.896 to 4,944.24 CFM
Conveying / Compression
Positive Pressure
Max. 14.5 psi

There's a lot to be said about the economical Turbo. We'll make it brief here.

AERZEN has built turbo blowers since 1911. Over the years, we’ve continued to perfect these assemblies from a technological standpoint. Along the way, we’ve developed expertise that sets standards worldwide today. It’s reflected in the performance characteristics, in every component, and in all the details of the newest Turbos. Discover the new Turbo Generation 5 and Generation 5plus.

100% Turbo

  • For small and large volume flows
  • From 300 m³/h to 16,200 m³/h
  • Speed-controled
  • 100% oil-free

Efficient peak values

  • Increase in energy efficiency by up to 10% compared to conventional turbo technology
  • Control range of 40% - 100%
  • Highly efficient individual components

Innovation driver: the permanent magnet motor

  • Extremely high-efficiency and energy-saving permanent magnet motor
  • Requires no additional energy to magnetize the rotor
  • Outstanding efficiency of an almost constant 96%, even in partial load operation

Innovative AERZEN air foil bearings

  • Forward-looking double coating made of Teflon and graphite
  • Theoretical bearing lifetime of >80,000 operating hours, regardless of stop and start cycles (>80 starts/stops per hour)
  • Resistant to pressure peaks (for example, SBR processes, pulsations caused by positive displacement machines) and compressor surge
  • Highly functional without necessary accessories (for example, electric control system, back up bearings, auxiliary electronics such as battery systems)
  • Highly reliable operation even during voltage fluctuations and power supply failures
  • 100% maintenance free

Further information are available within the product brochure

Performances & dimensions

AT 100-0.6 G5plus technical info

AERZEN Turbo blower Generation 5plus AT 100-0.6 G5plus
Type of technology
Turbo Blowers
AERZEN Turbo blower Generation 5plus
Conveying / Compression

Performance data

Pressure difference, psi
Volume flow*, CFM
Motor power, hp
Sound pressure, max. db(A)

Sound pressure level without blow-off noise, with acoustic enclosure.

* corresponds to the measured delivery volume flow converted to the customer-specific suction conditions p = 1,0 bar, t =20°C, rF = 0%

Dimensions and weights

Width (A), in
Depth (B), in
Height (C), in
Nominal size
DN 250
Weight, lb

Dates and dimensions without obligation. Technical changes reserved.

Information & documents

  • AERZEN Turbo Generation 5 [T1-015]
    [Product brochure]


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