Spare Parts

It's a good feeling to build on security

Don‘t experiment

When considering spare parts for AERZEN equipment don‘t be talked into experiments with non OEM parts. Our customers know that only AERZEN original parts are guaranteed to be compatible, and maintain the machines integrity. Demand the quality and longevity that only original OEM parts can supply, and purchase AERZEN spares.

Advantage to you as user

Through the use of original spare parts you can be sure that any warranties remain in force, but that is not all, a fast identification of the correct parts and their availability is just as important. Our trained and experienced personnel will quickly identify the correct parts and our flexible manufacturing and powerful logistics will minimise waiting and delivery times. This in turn will reduce your downtime to a minimum, this not only applies to our present product range but also to machines from the previous generations. If required, your spares can be on their way worldwide within 24 hours.

Service coverage overview:

  • Warranty on all parts
  • Covered for the entire machine program
  • Support with identifying the right parts
  • Extensive storage of original parts
  • Maximum safety with regard to individual product and application requirements
  • High quality at low overall costs
  • Conversion or retrofitting of: Acoustic hood, belt drive, vibration monitoring, AERtronic etc.

Possible sources of error

Dimensional tolerance faults Oil leaks
  secondary damage to bearings due to ingress of foreign particles
Incorrect material Shorter lifespan
  conveying medium escape
  secondary damage to bearings
Alternative surface finishes Leakage
  shorter lifespan
  secondary damage to bearings

Incorrect tolerances Accelerated wear
  performance reduction
Low standard material quality Lifespan reduction
  consequential damage

Out of tolerance, Missing additional designations, Incorrect cage materials, Incorrectly paired bearings High wear leading to unforeseeable failure of the machine within a short operational period
Incorrect location of the lubrication channels and pockets Extremely high bearing wear
  life span reduction of up to 90 %

Incorrect filter, Incorrect filter medium, Incorrect dimensions grade Reduction in machine performance
  increased wear of the rotors, bearings and seals due to foreign particle ingress
  thermal overload due to excess differential pressure
  possible destruction of the machine due to one or more of the above conditions

Incorrect viscosity, Incorrect additives Increased wear to bearings and timing gears
  possible total destruction of the machine

Incorrect balancing grade, Incorrect balancing type, Incorrect materials, Incorrect dimensional tolerances, Incorrect „V“ profile Increased vibration up to and including total destruction of the machine

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