Most effective blower technology for wastewater

If the wastewater has already entered the natural cycle, ventilating lakes and rivers prevents additional contamination. When treating drinking water, rinsing the filters with compressed air ensures that perfect water is provided and natural water reserves are not used excessively. Gas emitted at landfill sites or in digestion towers or gas produced when treating wastewater no longer escapes into the environment or gets burned off. It is instead used sustainably to create energy in order to relieve the environment and remedy resource deficits.
Using the pressure increase of biogas blowers, the gas is transported to CHPs or generators where the converted energy can be used to heat buildings or greenhouses, for example. The produced gas is measured by AERZEN rotary piston gas meters. During sludge drying processes, AERZEN positive displacement blowers can be used for the subsequent pneumatic transport of the dried sludge. These are not the only examples of applications where AERZEN products are in operation: just as there are many ways to protect the environment, there are many other areas of application for AERZEN positive displacement blowers, rotary lobe compressors and turbo blowers.

Sewage treatment plant

Late on a Wednesday afternoon, we received a message from our French depot manager advising that a disaster had happened at a sewage treatment plant around 50 km from Paris. The aeration system of a biological sewage water treatment plant had failed, threatening the lives of millions of microbes used to treat the sewage.

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Assigment AERZEN Rental Division

Temporary aeration set to increase the capacity in an industrial waste water treatment plant. 4.800m3/h of air required with mobile aeration plates, 100% oil free air blower and a diesel power generator.

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