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Oil-injected screw compressors VMY series

Screw compressors

Highest pressures. Full flexibility.

They supply the highest differential pressures or pressure ratios in the AERZEN product portfolio – the oil flooded compressor series VMY. The flow rate can be continuously controlled via the slide valve, which can also be used as a start unloading device. Rotor speed synchronization is not realized by timing gears (as in oil free compressors), but by direct power transmission of the driven rotor. The oil injection quantity regulates the outlet temperature. In case of wet gases, it is ensured that the oil is always compressed above the specific dew point temperatures. This reliably prevents water from escaping into the oil/gaseous mixture. Designed for years of uninterrupted operation, VMY compressors are the ideal solution for low molar weights, coolants, and generally for fluctuating operation conditions and gas compositions

Technical Data: Suction volume flow up to: 23000 m³/h, pressure range: -900 mbar to 25.0 bar g

Type of technology
Screw compressors
Volume flow
41.202 to 13,537.8 CFM
process gases , cooling gases
oil injected
  • Robust bearing for particularly long service life and extended maintenance intervals
  • Modular system for customised solutions
  • Slider or speed control for high efficiency and flexibility
  • Reduced operating costs due to economiser connection
  • Highest efficiency due to further developed 4+6 profile

Customised to meet the needs of process gas and refrigeration industry.

Aerzen VMY series screw compressor with oil injection are customised to meet the varying needs of the process gas and refrigeration industry.

Typical applications include:

  • PSA Tail Gas
  • Helium, Cryo plants
  • Hydrocarbon mix gases in (petro-)chemical industry
  • Propane, Butane, Natural gas
  • Boil off gas
  • Biogas, Bio methane
  • Synthetic and natural refrigerants in chemical,  food and beverage industry

Information & documents

  • Solutions fro Proces Gases [A1-008]
    [Product Brochure]


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