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Oil-injected screw compressors VMY series

Screw compressors

The synthesis of over 40 years experience and advanced concepts within the compression technology.

AERZEN Screw Compressors VMY are oil injected and the ideal choice for a whole range of process gas and industrial applications, where reliability and low operating costs are prime requirements. The oil injection makes the compressor insensitive to fluctuating volumes, temperatures and pressures. Further fields of application: compression of biomethane or biogas on request.

The VMY-compressor is a machine with downward delivery. The rotors are positioned horizontally in the housing, the profile is a 4+6-profile. The male rotor directly drives the female rotor; there are no timing gears.

Type of technology
Screw compressors
Volume flow
261.338 to 5,886 CFM
process gases , cooling gases
oil injected
Negative Pressure
-14.5 psi
Positive Pressure
362.59 psi
  •  Robust bearings for long bearing lifetimes and extended maintenance intervals
  •  Modular system of equipment for customized solutions
  •  Slide valve or speed control for high efficiency and flexibility
  •  Reduction of operating costs through economizer connections
  •  Highest efficiency with revised 4 + 6 profile

Customised to meet the needs of process gas and refrigeration industry.

Aerzen VMY series screw compressor with oil injection cooling are customised to meet the varying needs of the process gas and refrigeration industry.

Typical refrigerating applications include:

  • Food industry - breweries, dairies, slaughterhouses, fast food, vegetable and other food process plants
  • Cold and chill stores
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Marine refrigeration and air conditioning

Typical process gas applications include:

  • Chemical and process technology
  • Power generation equipment

Information & documents

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  • Oil-injected screw compressors VMY [A1-008]
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