Field Service

Machine uptime is critical. AERZEN provides field service to ensure that your equipment is in top condition to keep your process running smoothly. By using original OEM spare parts, your AERZEN equipment will continue operating with precision and reliability.

Partner and guarantor for added value.

Consider AERZEN Field Services more as a partner who optimally cares for your machine throughout its whole life cycle, rather than as a backstop for service and emergency support. AERZEN Field Services ensure that you have the highest possible availability, the best possible productivity, as well as the longest possible service life of your AERZEN machine. Who else would be able to ensure this level of performance apart from AERZEN, the service provider with guiding competence and long experience in your applications and processes?

On the safe side also in terms of economic aspects

It goes without saying that AERZEN evaluates your machines even with regard to technical progress and economic efficiency. So you will not only appreciate the comforting feeling that your machines are always in the optimal maintenance condition. You will also receive information about important technical updates, and can thus react accordingly whenever technical innovations emerge which will provide economic benefit.

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AERaudit - exact analysis of the load operation

Load operation in wastewater treatment plants is subject to large fluctuations. AERaudit's high-precision measurements are used to determine the actual load requirement of your plant in order to identify potential savings and make your operations more efficient in the long term.

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