Positive Displacement Blowers Positive Displacement Blower Stages
Series GM

AERZEN Positive Displacement Blowers are highly developed standard production machines designed and adapted to find use in a wide variety of applications. Robust 3-lobe blower stage for plant engineering. Suitable for a wide range of applications.


Volume flow:
17.658 to 38.259 CFM

Differential pressure (Δp):
-7.25 to 14.5 psi

Air, Neutral Gases


The advantages of AERZEN Blower Stages at a glance:

  • Integrated pulsation reduction
  • Housing consisting of: Cylinder (with two cylinder with cast-in pre-inlet channels at discharge side to minimise the sound by pulsation reduction), wheel housing, housing cover and side plates

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US Units

Type of technology
Positive Displacement Blowers
Differential pressure (Δp)
-7.25 to 14.5 psi
Volume flow
17.658 to 38.259 CFM
Air, Neutral Gases

For the oil-free conveying and compression of air and gases

Robust 3-lobe blower stage for plant engineering. Suitable for a wide range of applications. Available as standard in 22 sizes (GM 3 S to GM 1080 L).


Blower with 3-lobe rotors and two cast-in preinlet channels in the discharge-sided cylinder part to minimize the sound by pulsation reduction. Housing ribbed and air-cooled. Blower cylinder undivided up to GM 400 L. From GM 430 S the cylinders are horizontally divided. Up to GM 80 L the feet at the blower are bolted on, larger sizes are cast on. Lube oil supply by splash lubrication.


Housing parts (cylinder, side plates, gear case and housing cover) made of GG-20. Shafts made of C 45 N and rotors made of C 45 N (GM 3 S up to GM 80 L) shafts and rotors are forged in one piece. On size GM 90 S and GM 130 L pistons and shafts are cast of one piece EN-GJS-500-7 (GGG50). Rotors made of EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG40). (GM 150 S up to GM 1080 L) helical timing gears made of 16 Mn Cr 5E. If you have questions about any other materials please contact us.

Shaft sealings

Conveying chamber seal by 4 piston ring labyrinth seals with oil slingers at each shaft end. On request, 4 radial seal ring-piston ring labyrinth seals are available. Driving shaft seal by radial seal ring. In case of gastight design of the driving shaft 2 radial seal rings are used with an intermediate grease trap.

Direction of flow

From top to bottom (vertical)

Position of the driving shaft

Left (viewed onto the driving shaft) alternatively the driving shaft is possible at the right


Overhung drive via narrow v-belt, directly driven via flexible coupling or with gearbox. 

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