Case studies

for food processing

Read the listed application reports and success stories to find out how a precisely installed compressed air system can improve the air quality and safety of process air. For example, pneumatic conveyor systems must always be evaluated individually and accordingly require a unique interaction of assemblies, modifications and accessories.
With the AERZEN safety level, based on our certified oil- and absorption agent free assemblies and our extensive ATEX concepts, we could contribute in the past with specialised solutions to optimise the process air supply in different food processing companies.

Current Case Studies

Milser Mühle

„Today, pneumatic conveying is necessary for the economical operation of a modern mill company“

When the Borgstedt Family took over the Milser Mühle 130 years ago, at first, it only produced feed material, and then, from 1918, it started to produce flour for human food. “Therefore we selected oilfree compressing AERZEN Positive Displacement Blowers of series GM as conveying air producer for the closed piping systems. Until today we are only using AERZEN units“

Mexican flour manufacturer Harinas Elizondo

Flour producer increased its production by 54 percent

The Mexican flour manufacturer Harinas Elizondo has been using the rotary lobe compressor Delta Hybrid for pneumatic conveyance of the raw materials since November 2010 - and could increase the production by 54 per cent despite the difficult ambient conditions.

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