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Maximum efficiency: Nereda process and AERZEN Delta Hybrid Bangu WWTP (Brazil)

The Nereda technology allows for cost-efficient, sustainable and space-saving wastewater treatment, thereby reconciling the most important challenges currently facing the industry. In combination with highly efficient rotary lobe compressors...

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AERZEN packages ensure reliable transport processes - Pneumatic Convey A+S BioTec

Availability and reliability have top priority at A+S BioTec GmbH. For this reason, the Saarland-based family business has exclusively used blowers and compressors from AERZEN for the pneumatic conveying of its raw materials and products for more than 50 years...

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Liebenwalde wastewater treatment plant fit for the future Case Study

The development from energy eater to climate leader. For the Liebenwalde wastewater treatment plant, the investments in increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies have more than paid off. The result: maximum...

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