Inspection and Maintenance

Fast and competent support services on site

Professionals to the rescue.

Regardless of whether your AERZEN unit needs maintenance, inspection, preventative work, or overhauling, AERZEN on-site services are always at your disposal. This is because we have service centres strategically placed around the world, highly trained professionals, and decentralised spare parts and supply centres. Our regional service hotlines can help with urgent technical questions, even if you have to call them outside normal business hours.

OEM competence – with safety passport.

Our service technicians have the knowledge and years of experience to apply the right solutions for the secure operation of your units. They have also been certified in the safety measures in force in their regions. This helps eliminate timeconsuming, ad hoc training sessions. In Germany, for example, AERZEN service mechanics are certified as Security Certificate Contractors – a requirement in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Maintenance according to AERZEN check lists

We have developed special check lists for the inspection and maintenance of AERZEN positive displacement blowers, screw compressors and turbos to examine the necessity of servicing. The inspection of the packaged units includes the evaluation of smoothness, the stage clearances, the oil level and the oil tightness. The pressure valve (safety valve), the start unloading device (as far as existing) and the check valve will be inspected. Based on the check list, the customer will receive a report about the current condition of his machine after the inspection. If maintenance is necessary, an appropriate quotation will be prepared and, if necessary, another service for the maintenance of the relative machine will be arranged. Maintenance includes oil change, change of intake filter and the components for the power transmission (V-belt, compression sleeves). The components of the power transmission will be aligned.

Ready for offshore deployment.

AERZEN services have been put to the test on drilling platforms and other offshore facilities. Specially trained experts will take care of your AERZEN units even under extreme conditions. These technicians have successfully completed basic training for safety on the high seas as well as helicopter underwater escape training (HUET).

Works in nuclear plants

We are authorized to execute maintenance works, inspections or general overhauls on AERZEN products in nuclear plants. Our service technicians have radiation passports and are permanently examined by our external radiation protection officer. The required certificates are on hand like the qualification certificate for quality assurance as per rule KTA 1401 as well as the authorization to work in external plants or facilities as per § 15 StrlSchV (Radiation Protection Ordinance).

AERZEN supervisors certified according to SCC

AERZEN supervisors have participated in seminars organized by the professional association for mechanical and metal industry for obtaining the SCC-certificate (safety certificate contractors), a form of combined work- and environmental protection management system for sub-suppliers. This proof is required by an increasing number of customers, e.g. of chemical and petro-chemical industry, by users, distributors and in the Benelux. Thanks to this certification costly and time-consuming safety trainings with the customers can be reduced resp. removed. This certificate represents approved quality services.

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