Fast and competent

We take care of:

  • Assembly check and laser alignment.
  • Procurement of operating state of the stage (oil filling, coolant etc.).
  • Check of all security-relevant settings as per example alarm and switch-off values or message to the controlling unit / control room.
  • Commissioning of the unit
  • All alarm and switch-off values are checked followed by a test run of several hours at operating conditions.
  • Issue of the hand-over report

Service provided by customer

  • Support personnel
  • Hoisting devices
  • Auxiliary power
  • Ablutions and dressing room
  • Wiring and connection of power supply system
  • Connection of piping for process gas and auxiliary material in the plant

Commissioning of special units and process gas units

  • Assembly of compressor unit(s), gearing, main engine, oil system
  • Installation of supplied silencers, fittings and process gas pipelines
  • Assembly of the internal piping of the unit (sealing medium, oil, measuring lines)
  • Alignment of clutch(es)
  • Erection of acoustic hood
  • Filling of lubrication oil and flushing of oil circuit
  • Check of instrumentation, compressor control and signal exchange with primary control and function of the electrical safety devices
  • Commissioning and test run

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