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Cement solutions

Blowers and compressors designed for better solutions in cement applications

Safety is the number one priority for the most challenging applications in cement plants operations. That‘s why AERZEN blowers, rotary lobe compressors and screw compressors for the cement industry are built with the highest standards to guarantee a safe and reliable operation in the high demanding cement environments.

Specific features for cement industry

Scheme of the production of cement by the dry process

Specific designs & options are available to fit into the application for all AERZEN modells:

  • Air filter solution system designed for high contaminated environments
  • Discharge pressure sensor that turn-off the electric motor to protect the machine from a critical failure
  • Discharge temperature sensor that turn-off the electric motor in case the discharge temperature exceed the machine temperature limit to avoid serious damage to the machine and prevent safety issues.
  • Spark arrester in the discharge silencer and non flamable foam in the sound enclosure
  • AERtronic monitoring system for real time operation information and data transfer for safe and continues operation

AERZEN technologies for pyro-processing optimization in cement plants.

The video features different technologies and advantages according to the application.

Experience three real case scenarios for pyro-process optimization for cement manufacturing:

  • Raw Material Pneumatic Conveying. Homogenizing and replacement of a Sliding Vane Compressor with Delta Screw Compressors
  • Fuel Conveying optimization with the Delta Hybrid technology
  • High-Speed Turbo Blower for Combustion Air application

Application reports



AERZEN, as a specialist in cement applications, improves the pneumatic conveying coal feeding system to the main burner in Holcim Colombia Plant. The plant located in Nobsa, a small town 2.5 hours away from Bogota. The plant capacity is about 3Mt/year of cement and a market share in Colombia of 12% with high growth expectation after Lafarge Holcim joint venture in 2015.