Harinas Elizondo in Mexiko

The Mexican flour manufacturer Harinas Elizondo has been using the rotary lobe compressor Delta Hybrid for pneumatic conveyance of the raw materials since November 2010 - and could increase the production by 54 per cent despite the difficult ambient conditions.

AERZEN units for mexican flour manufacturer

The millls would stand still without compressed air with Harinas Elizondo. This standing customer of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik conveys pneumatically up to eleven tons corn and flour per hour for subsequent processing or for storage in silos - a daily challenge for the systems which have to operate in Mexico City at 2,250 meters above sea level. The lower air pressure influences the efficiency of all machines operating with air, e. g. automotive engines: The performance of units identical in construction to those operated at sea level is decreasing considerably.

What counts is quality

The Mexican mill has been in business for more than 60 years. One reason for the long lasting success is the excellent product quality which does not only result from the high-class raw materials but also from the use of state-of-the-art technology Basilio Gonzalez, Technical Director of Harinas Elizondo: “Only if you invest in quality can you produce economically and reliably and satisfy the customer or even exceed his expectations.”

An Aerzen blower of the series Delta Blower used for many years is part of the modern equipment of the flour manufacturer. Increasing the capacity of the system, saving energy and contributing to the protection of the environment were the reasons why a team of German and Mexican technicians replaced the blower in November 2010 against a packed unit of the new rotary lobe compressor series Delta Hybrid.

Goals exceeded

 Basilio Gonzalez was deeply impressed during the commissioning of the packed unit: “Right from the start I was convinced of the new product of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik.” Since the Delta Hybrid is capable to achieve higher end pressures at lower operation temperatures. The energy consumption has also decreased due to the high efficiency of the machine.

After a short time Harinas Elizondo could increase the production and could take advantage of the increased performance in the peak season. Today the system conveys about 17 tons instead of 11 tons per hour at the same energy consumption - this corresponds to a production increase of 54 per cent.

This made it possible to exceed the goals previously set: More performance, energy saving, high reliability, product quality and longer maintenance intervals. An oil change will be done after 16,000 operating hours only and the bearing life comes up to 60,000 operating hours.

Basilio Gonzalez, Technical Director of Harinas Elizondoy

»This project is an example for success where everybody wins - from the very beginning and in future.«