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Wastewater treatment Guide

Current information and facts worth knowing about wastewater industry.

Water and wastewater treatment is a continuous process, in which requirements and conditions, as well as the technology used, evolve constantly. Thanks to our experience in this field, the diverse contact to various groups of people from industry, and our own knowledge drive, we have know-how that we do not want to withhold from you.

The following pages contain articles about water and wastewater treatment for your information. Read about technical innovations, changes in legislation and fundamental knowledge - and if you are missing details, just ask us, we are also happy to help you personally.

Energy in focus

Water treatment in the future

Water treatment is undergoing a profound transformation and is gaining in importance worldwide. Water is an increasingly scarce commodity. Particularly in poorer countries, it is not available in sufficient quantities. Bottlenecks are becoming more and more severe due to growing demand on the part of industry, agriculture and energy generation.

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The stages of water treatment

The basic processes of waste water treatment

Water is a precious commodity. To protect our natural waters and to support drinking water production, all wastewater is therefore first cleansed of containments and pollutants before it is returned to the water cycle. To treat the water and to achieve the best possible, natural water quality, different processes are used.

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Control technology

Convenient, safe and effizient control

In the era of Industry 4.0, automated machine regulation has come to play an increasingly important role in waste water management. Digital control systems depend on measurement values that are constantly recorded by sensors and have become significantly faster, more accurate and more precise than a manual control system could ever be. AERZEN control technology offers a wide range of options and implements optimal automated machine control, including for third-party products. 

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