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Compressed air as tailor-made suit! AERZEN pushes customised engineering.


If the combination of the standard construction kit does not fit properly, then, the tailor-made suit is called for. Individually designed compressed air solutions are the focus of AERZEN at COMVAC. In Hanover, a signpost for the specialisation, out of product standard, was the two-stage AERZEN compressors of series 2C - with their high functional adaptability, also for different drive and control concepts.

Front view of the VMX 250 G
The VMX 250 G without cover

At COMVAC, the two-stage oil-free compressors of the 2C series are the practical proof of AERZEN's strategy towards more specialisation. “Customised solutions”, for example, are increasingly in demand in process technology, in order to seamlessly integrate the compressed air supply into the overall production network. For this, however, the compressed air packages must give up their role as black boxes. The decreasing system boundaries, thus, create new possibilities for integration and regulation. At the same time, completely new questions arise, most of all in engineering - especially in terms of interfaces and communication. All in all, this leads to increasing specialisation, resulting from its standardised modular system, which offers possibilities for customised solutions.

With this exciting background, AERZEN is strengthening the role of its subsidiary RKR as a strong engineering partner for customised applications. Typical tasks here result primarily from questions relating to communication, the control network and new drive options. Instead of an electric motor, a compressor can be effectively driven by a compact turbine if process steam is available in the plant anyhow. This saves the electric drive - and thus reduces the electricity bill. A diesel drive is also conceivable, as presented at COMVAC. AERZEN offers both 2C series in water- or air-cooled design for volume flows from 166 m³/h to 9,300 m³/h in a pressure range of 4 to 10.5 bar (g).

At product level, AERZEN meets the increasing individualisation with open system integration, modular basic components, as well as variable mechanical and electronic interfaces. Another example of customised specialisations is the proven oil-injected VMX screw compressors. The VMX 250G series, originally developed from customer requirements, today comprises ten different types with drive speeds from 1,800 to 3,000 rpm for conveying capacities between 1,200 and 3,000 standard cubic metres per hour. The compressor stages can be individually adapted to this solution. The same applies to the drive, which does not necessarily have to be of electrical nature. At COMVAC, AERZEN presents the highly integrated combination with a directly coupled CAT diesel engine. The engineering in this case was taken over by the AERZEN subsidiary in the Netherlands. In general, all VMX screw compressors are designed for electric and combustion motor drive, and for the use of frequency inverters.

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