Planned maintenance Service

Planned maintenance is a proactive approach to maintenance in which maintenance work is scheduled to take place at the recommended intervals within the manual.

The primary objective of planned maintenance is to maximize the machine's performance by keeping equipment and ancillaries to the relevant specifications for as long as possible, without that equipment deteriorating or having unplanned outages.

Planned maintenance activities include any maintenance work scheduled in advance. For example, changing the oil, filters etc at the recommended intervals. Planned Maintenance is a scheduled maintenance activity, or service visit that is done to ensure that the equipment, or equipment components, are operating correctly and within the manufacturer's recommendations.

The schedule for planned maintenance tasks will be based on equipment running hours or specific Monthly intervals dependent on the machine’s workings.

During planned maintenance servicing, our Service technicians will carry out health checks on the units and can obtain good datum on how the machines are running and make recommendations on their findings to get the most out of the machines throughout the machine life.

Planned Maintenance Service contracts

Aerzen offers very competitive service contract pricing and can tailor each contract to suit customers’ requirements, with our dedicated contract managers keeping in touch, with each service contract contact throughout the period. Additionally, you will have access to technical support 24/7 365 days per year.

Major Benefits of Planned Maintenance

The key benefit of planned maintenance is that the work can be scheduled in ways such that it does not interfere with the overall production. This may mean scheduling planned maintenance during times of the year when there is less demand, or plant shutdowns when the facility is not operating.

Other direct benefits of planned maintenance include:

  • Reduces unplanned equipment downtime and improves overall equipment performance.
  • Repair costs are reduced because problems are fixed while they are minor.
  • Fixed prices throughout the term of the contract
  • Better planning of spare parts use and ordering.
  • Helping to ensure the manufacturer's requirements for warranty compliance are met.
  • Reducing overall maintenance costs.
  • Health checks of the machines with good knowledge on customers process to assist in getting the best from the machines
  • Dedicated Regional contract management
  • Original Aerzen OEM parts used with 12-month warranty on parts
  • Full datum cataloguing for each machine throughout service contract through use of latest Vibration analysis equipment
  • Priority support for PMS contract customers – This to incorporate providing customers with 24 hour 7 days a week telephone support with access to engineers and early callout priority on next day service

Machine availability is all. All the more so in view of the vital processes in the middle of which you have located the compressor technology of AERZEN for good reasons. AERZEN develops this technology to solve the task “process gas” for you. Permanently. AERZEN field service is of support to you - even long after the purchase of a packaged unit. With competence and spare parts of a quality which only your OEM can offer.

Partner and guarantor for added value.

Consider AERZEN Field Services more as a partner who optimally cares for your machine throughout its whole life cycle, rather than as a backstop for service and emergency support. AERZEN Field Services ensure that you have the highest possible availability, the best possible productivity, as well as the longest possible service life of your AERZEN machine. Who else would be able to ensure this level of performance apart from AERZEN, the service provider with guiding competence and long experience in your applications and processes?

On the safe side also in terms of economic aspects

It goes without saying that AERZEN evaluates your machines even with regard to technical progress and economic efficiency. So you will not only appreciate the comforting feeling that your machines are always in the optimal maintenance condition. You will also receive information about important technical updates, and can thus react accordingly whenever technical innovations emerge which will provide economic benefit.

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