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There are many reasons you may need to call AERZEN Rental: not just for maintenance and repair, but also to cover unexpected demand. AERZEN Rental can provide you with rental units and accessories, as well as individual solutions for research and development, operative leasing and contracting.

Keeping your operations flexible – and your air oil-free.

Good to know that you can be prepared for anything. AERZEN Rental Division can quickly deliver solutions for 100% oil-free air. For almost all industry segments. Ad hoc or contractual (service level agreements). Our rental machine park contains a large number of blowers, turbos and compressors with a vast range of performance levels for all normal pressure ranges, all ready for immediate use. Our engineering department is intimately familiar with your applications and can provide solutions that integrate seamlessly with your processes.

Turnkey services

AERZEN Rental is also your source for project implementation. It provides not just rental units, but also transport, installation and commissioning using our own technicians. And of course the service package includes regular maintenance and repair – so that you can reach your production goals without running out of air!

Where we can come in handy:

  • production downtimes
  • bridge solutions for maintenance and repair periods
  • process optimisation
  • production peaks
  • construction of new facilities or remodelling of old ones
  • research and development


  • readily available rental units
  • rapid delivery anywhere in Europe
  • 24/7 hotline and service
  • solutions tailored to your specific requirements
  • wide range of accessories: power cable/power supply, piping, coolers and air driers, aeration plates for sewage treatment plants
  • research and development projects
  • solutions tailored to your specific requirements
  • lightning-fast service with 24/7/365 hotline
  • rapid delivery from depots across Europe
  • wide range of accessories available for rent: coolers, air driers, transformers, diesel generators
AERZEN Rental Division can quickly deliver solutions for 100% oil-free air & for almost all industry segments
AERZEN readily available rental unit at a company
AERZEN service technicians transport two rental units

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