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New flagship for process gas compression

New oil-flooded screw compressor from AERZEN for high volume flows


AERZEN screw compressors type VMY have built-in volume control and are characterised by maximum reliability as well as low operating costs. With the VMY836H, AERZEN is expanding its successful series with a package for volume flows of up to 23,500 Nm3/h at 60 Hz, thus, setting a new benchmark in the field of process gas compression.

The new VMY836H is AERZEN's largest oil-injected compressor. It expands the VMY series and delivers more than twice the volume flow of size VMY 536, the previous flagship. The package achieves volume flows of up to 23,500 Nm3/h at 60 Hz and is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 25.0 bar (abs.) and inlet temperatures of -60 °C and above.

Volume flow control is as convenient as usual thanks to the integrated control slide. As option, frequency inverter operation is possible. Efficient partial load operation and flexible adaptation to dynamic process parameters are, thus, guaranteed. Hydrodynamic axial tilting pad bearings guarantee maximum operational safety and service intervals.

100% machine sealing

The rotor is not driven via timing gears as in oil-free compressors, but via direct power transmission of the driven rotor. The oil injection quantity regulates the outlet temperature and enables the highest efficiencies through efficient gap sealing. A double-acting, oil-purged mechanical seal on the drive shaft guarantees 100% machine sealing.

Ideal choice for the petrochemical industry

Like all VMY compressors, the VMY836H is designed for years of continuous operation and maximum reliability. The design and oil injection make the machine flexible for fluctuating volumes, temperatures and pressures. This makes it suitable for a wide range of oil-compatible gases and mixed gases (including ammonia, refrigerants, hydrocarbon mixed gases, hydrogen, hydrogen/hydrocarbon mixed gases, natural gas, carbon dioxide, propane, propylene, butane or helium). The VMY836H can also be used for pre-compression (booster) for subsequent compressor technologies (e.g. reciprocating compressors).

The customised package is supplied including oil supply and oil separation, drive train, instrumentation (optionally with machine monitoring, complete control as well as acoustic hood). Accessories such as gas cooler, suction scrubber and gas filter are also included on request. The drive is directly coupled or, to maximise the delivery volume, with a gear ratio.

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