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Edition 02/2018

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AERwater: Knowledge of the exact load profiles

AERZEN prepares for Water 4.0

With AERwater, AERZEN brings together analysis, engineering, equipment technology, financing and service into one integrated system. With AERwater, AERZEN has developed performance modules that bring the principles of Industry 4.0 to wastewater technology. They form the basis for future Water 4.0 solutions.

The energy requirements of waste-water treatment plants are interdependent in many ways. These include the special features of the cleaning procedures used, the overriding cleaning target, various local marginal conditions and the efficiency of the applied technology. The longest lever can be applied to aeration - specifically to ventilation technology. The supply of microorganisms with sufficient oxygen for ammonium degradation requires powerful blower technology, which requires around 80 percent of the energy required for aeration - and more than 50 percent of the total energy required by a wastewater treatment plant.

All AERwater modules prove themselves in any configuration, but also of course with their individual performance

With AERwater, AERZEN starts precisely in this energy-intensive process area, since the savings potential through digitised, intelligent overall optimisations can be appropriately high. Assembled from precisely combined modules, AERwater covers the entire process air cycle from planning through to service.

The service module AERaudit starts with a measurement of the volume flows prevailing on site and the subsequent calculation of actual load profiles. AERZEN‘s service team, equipped with sensor technology, energy meters and data loggers, analyses the operating data in real time and obtains clarity during evaluation as to where low and peak loads lie and what potential savings rest untapped in the blower station.

The aim is to determine the compressed air requirement as precisely as possible so that the Performance³ calculation can then be carried out. Behind this is the tailor-made machine and technology design including the RoI (Return on Investment) calculations necessary for investment decisions.

Performance³ - The next generation

Performance3 – three blower technologies, one goal: highest efficiency

With Performance³ AERZEN achieves a new level of efficiency - in the form of the three high-performance technologies turbo blowers, positive displacement blowers and rotary lobe compressors. These technologies enable us to make the best possible selection in terms of energy efficiency for every application. The results of AERaudit form the basis for using the most suitable active principles or for freely combining them. Extended by the AERsmart machine control system different machine combinations can be continuously operated very close to the ideal operating point - which ultimately leads to extremely economical use of electrical energy.

However, optimisations are also available outside of pure machine technology. AERwater‘s machine room optimisation includes AERZEN‘s expertise in the planning of room ventilation and sound concepts as well as solutions for heat recovery. With a view towards the operating phase, AERwater also includes the realisation, i.e. the support of waste water companies in the dismantling of old plants, the commissioning of the new technology and the securing of operations during the construction phase with rental machines. Numerous services up to process monitoring round off the service package.

Compact news

Aerzen USA continues to grow: new office in Atlanta

Following the expansions of the headquarters in Coatesville/Pennsylvania and the opening of a new sales office in Houston/Texas in 2017, Aerzen USA has now opened up in the southeast of the United States: in May 2018, the AERZEN subsidiary inaugurated a new location in Atlanta/Georgia. The new building covers almost 2,000 square metres of production and storage space, as well as an area of 260 square metres for offices. “We are pleased that we are now closer to our customers in the southeast of the USA,” emphasises Tony Morris, Managing Director, Aerzen USA. “The new facilities will allow us to serve important markets more flexibly and efficiently,” he adds.

The space in Atlanta is available for rental machines, spare parts warehouses, assembly, repair and maintenance of assemblies, as well as state-of-the-art test procedures. The new offices are used primarily for sales, and there is space available to accommodate more employees in the future. The site is expected to be fully operational in the autumn of 2018.

AERZEN China at the IE Expo 2018

Aerzen China had a strong presence at the IE Expo 2018, held in Shanghai from 3-5 May, which attracted more than 60,000 visitors from over 60 countries. At Asia‘s leading trade fair for environmental technology, the company presented itself with the motto: Performance3 - The Next Generation.

At the AERZEN booth, prospective customers could gather information about Aerzen Turbo AT300-0.8, Delta Hybrid D62S, D17L and AERsmart by means of sectional models. The team welcomed not only visitors from China, but also customers from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Chuck Lim, Vice President Aerzen Asia Pacific, also participated in the IE Expo. First Environmental Protection Net conducted an interview with Sam Hoo, General Manager Aerzen China, on 3 May about the innovative AERZEN technology, and this was transmitted online.

The conclusion: the three trade fair days were very positive for AERZEN’s brand awareness and have confirmed the position of the company as a leader in the environmental market. Aerzen China is already looking forward to IE Expo 2019.

Determining savings potential online

With a right-sized machine configuration based on highly developed AERZEN technologies, the company offers maximum savings potential for all plant operators in waste water treatment. AERZEN customers can now easily test how efficient the aeration in their blower station really is with the performance calculator on the AERZEN website. All you have to do is enter your current number of machines, the volume flow and the differential pressure, and you will immediately receive an initial result as to the level of potential savings that can be achieved. You will also be shown what your individual machine configuration would look like with the technologies in question in order to achieve the savings potential.

Since each plant has individual requirements, AERZEN provides the customers with a tailored design based on the AERZEN Perfomance³ product portfolio - consisting of positive displacement blowers, turbo blowers and rotary lobe compressors.

Performance Calculator

Visit from IBAR to AERZEN

On 19th April 2018, a delegation from IBAR, the Upper Austrian sewage works operator association visited AERZEN. The guests were duly informed about the product range and visited the company offices. The visit to AERZEN took place following a suggestion from the Managing Director of AERZEN Austria, Martin Barger, who had made a special presentation at an IBAR meeting last winter. Martin Barger was also present at the head office in AERZEN, in order to welcome our guests, together with Markus Leidinger, applications specialist in wastewater technology.

At the start of their visit, Barger presented the history and product range of AERZEN to the sewage works operators. After this, Leidinger engaged with a compelling presentation about the application and combination possibilities of the different blower types. A factory tour was the next item on the programme. Product manager Ricardo Wehrbein and sales engineer Thomas Kuhn led the guests in groups through the company and presented each individual processing step for the blowers. Josef Ortner, Chairman of IBAR, thanked Barger and the management of AERZEN.

Remko Knol, the new CEO of Aerzen Nederland

On July 1st 2018, Remko Knol became the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aerzen Nederland B.V., based in Dui-ven near Arnhem. He is thus responsible for the business operations and strategy in the Netherlands. “We are very pleased that Remko Knol has joined our management team. He has a lot of process know-how and knows a lot about the development of production processes, as well as the application of AERZEN solutions,” says Siert Wiersema, Deputy Managing Director Aerzen Nederland.

Knol, who studied mechanical engineering and holds a master‘s degree in general management, can look back on 15 years of experience as a sales manager and managing director in the international technology environment. He has worked for Siemens Power Generation and Siemens Water Technologies, among others. For the past six years, Knol had served as Managing Director of Frames Separation Technologies B.V., Netherlands. The company designs and supplies process plants for the separation of oil, gas and water, as well as the treatment of production water.