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Whistleblowing guidelines


Welcome to the whistleblower system page

The following rules, laws and internal guidelines are of paramount importance at Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH. In order to protect our company, our employees and business partners from harm, rules and norms must be adhered to without exception. For this reason, misconduct must be promptly identified, cleared and immediately stopped.

It is very important to us that any possible misconduct is uncovered, and to achieve this, we require that everyone involved is attentive and also willing to point out possible breaches of rules where there is specific evidence. We have created a special whistleblower system in which tip-offs can be left at any time - in the strictest confidence - in German or English.

The whistleblower system guarantees the greatest level of protection for those affected and for whistleblowers. Further investigations are only initiated after a professional review of the information and if there are concrete indications of a serious violation of the rules. Adherence to the utmost confidentiality is a basic tenet of the investigations, which extend to all information gained, which are quickly and fairly processed based on a defined procedure.

Please note that the Aerzender Maschinenfabrik GmbH whistleblower system is not appropriate for everyday issues but in particular, for criminal offences such as corruption.

Submitting tip-offs

The Aerzener Maschninenfabrik GmbH whistleblower system can be contacted via Email: compliance(at)

To ensure that your tip-off can be effectively processed and investigated, it is important that the tip-off is as specific as possible. It would be pertinent to consider and answer the five 'W' questions: Who? What? When? How? and Where?

Please note that your descriptions must also be understandable by non-specialists. It would also be helpful if you could be available to answer further questions. If you would like to withhold your identity from the company, you are welcome to make use of contact with the group compliance officer .

In the case of breaches relating to data privacy regulations, we request that you speak directly to the data protection officer.