Edition 04/14

Article and Compact news

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Berliner Luft (The Berlin Air)

In the mechanical and biological sewage treatment plant at Wansdorf, near Berlin, an old Turbo blower was exchanged with an AERZEN product of the new series AT Turbo “Generation 5”. What started out as a test, has, based on the positive experiences that followed, now become an integral part of the...

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Maintenance 2015 in Dortmund and Stuttgart

The “Maintenance 2015” fair will again provide an extensive view about industrial maintenance. This will take place on 25th and 26th February in Dortmund, and on 29th and 30th April in Stuttgart. Of course, AERZEN’S After Sales team will be there too.

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150 years AERZEN, part 4 1998–2014

Again and again AERZEN manages to reinterpret the basic technology of its machines, to design them more efficiently and to adapt them in response to wide-ranging requests from customers.

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Aerzen International Rental (AIR)

Over the course of one’s life, one acquires certain property - a bicycle, a car or even a house. It is often a difficult, and, depending on the amount of the investment, serious decision. Would it not make more sense to rent first of all instead of buying directly?

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Compact news

Energy efficiency is an important issue in South Africa

Electra Mining Africa in Johannesburg is the biggest industrial exhibition on the continent. 35,000 visitors attended the fair which took place from 15th to 19th September. AERZEN was represented by Airgas Compressors at a modern and attractive fair stand. Airgas presented - energy- efficient solutions - made by AERZEN - for air and gas conveying. In this context, consider our Delta Hybrid D12S with frequency converter. The increased pressure range, the low noise level and the functionality of the AERtronic Controller specially impressed visitors from the waste water industry. An interactive touchscreen with 3D animation illustrated the advantages of the energysaving Delta Hybrid. Due to uncertain supply and rising costs of electricity, energy efficiency is of growing importance in South Africa.

Clean air for Durango

With a total investment of EUR 1.6 million, the Mexican city of Durango is equipping its 18 years old sewage works with a new ventilation system. This is the first step in a large scale project for improving the air and consequently the quality of life, for people in more than 100 villages in the region as it rapidly develops. In addition to the unit, AERZEN México is providing two Turbo AT 400-0.8T which will make an important contribution - they are extremely energy efficient and low in maintenance making them unique in the whole of Latin America.

ATEX-compliant version of ASP oil demister

AERZEN SPECIAL PRODUCTS BV in the Netherlands has developed an ATEX-design of its oil demister. ATEX is the name of a European directive for devices and protection systems, used in potentially explosive atmospheres. The ATEXconformity, referring to gas and dust, has been tested and certified by DEKRA (a leading audit company in Europe). For the ATEX-design, several components of the standard oil demister were modified: Not only were the filter mats replaced with a more conductive stainless steel version, but due to the increased weight the entire drum was replaced as well. Furthermore, all the bolts were provided with special spacing collars.

Insights into AERZEN’s world

On the occasion of the company’s 150th anniversary, AERZEN hosted an Open Day on 20th September. The young, the old, relatives and friends of staff, partners of AERZEN and other guests interested in the company all came. The flow of visitors started in the morning and did not stop until late afternoon. All in all, 5,600 guests took the opportunity to experience an informative and exciting day with and at AERZEN. This was a significantly higher number of guests than came to the last such event in 2004.