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Edition 02/2021

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Blower and compressor technology in slim ISO containers

AERZEN focuses on pragmatic solutions

Blower technology in containers has the potential to make process air supply noticeably leaner, more flexible and simpler. AERZEN has already gained many years of experience in this area from its own rental business – and is now combining this know-how into a new solution. The idea: compressed air from the ISO container.

AERZEN container solutions offer maximum flexibility in use.

Whether 20 or 40 feet long, ISO containers have the great ad- vantage of being standardized – right down to uniform lifting gear and truck trailers. Containers are also easy to stack. They are statically self-sufficient and, of course, they are also available with effective sound insulation. AERZEN now combines these features with its blower and compressor technology, creating a convincing symbiosis of the latest ma- chine technology and maximum flexibility. Thanks to this pragmatic solution, it will be possible in future to supply complete blower or compressor stations for quick connection and commissioning on site.

The high power density of, for example, 24,000 m3/h compressed air per container with 3 x Aerzen Turbo AT 200 0.8s ensures versatile application possibilities per container unit in connection with a high control range. This aspect also opens the way for placing the process air generation as close as possible to where it is needed. This shortens operating distances, which means reduced costs for piping and energy savings can be made due to lower pressure losses.

Install as a mixed team

The container solutions are suitable for all standard blower and compressor types from AERZEN. The Delta Blower, Hybrid, Screw and Aerzen Turbos can also be installed as a mixed team, as a suitably designed complete package, including noise protection measures, suitable power components, such as frequency inverters and controls according to the requirements of the customer-specific application. From a structural point of view, two strip foundations are all that is needed to mount a weatherproof ventilation container in a stable position on site.

Typical applications

In general, separate building permits are not necessary, nor are architectural or structural engineering services. And if the plant layout of a production company changes, the container can simply be moved along with it to ensure the investment is protected. AERZEN sees applications with high air requirements as typical areas of use for process air from ISO containers. These include wastewater technology, the building materials industry and the broad field of bulk materials technology.

Compact news

New Sales Manager Process Gas

Michael Leitsch took over as Sales Manager for Process Gas at the Opportunity Engineering Group at Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH in February 2021. After successfully completing his mechanical engineering studies, he was able to gain valuable experience in the process gas industry. This includes various positions in sales and quotation engineering for process gas compressors, including several years in Asia. Most recently, he worked for two years as a project manager in a refinery. Leitsch works closely with the AERZEN Group’s global sales companies to provide AERZEN customers with customised process gas solutions.

New and revised marketing material

AERZEN has revised or created new marketing material especially for the application areas of wastewater treatment, food technology and process gas technology. How can energy costs be saved in wastewater treatment? How can hygienically clean process air be generated? What requirements must modern process gas compressors fulfil? These are all questions that AERZEN customers have to ask themselves in the course of CO2 reduction, Industry 4.0, globalisation and constantly increasing cost pressure. We support you in this and offer you answers to your questions with our new brochures.

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