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Air conditioning perfects the process


It is well known that the best solutions result from practical experience. They are only effective and efficient if they are precisely matched to the application. Aerzener Maschinenfabrik knows exactly the requirements in the field of process air. AERZEN completes its blower and compressor range with a wide range of options and accessories.

1. Air-to-air aftercooler
2. Water-air aftercooler
3. Condensate drain
4. Cyclone separator

As one of the leading technology pioneers, AERZEN is characterised by innovative development strength. The engineering company from Aerzen in Lower Saxony calls it application specialisation. This includes the constant focus on improvements and modifications within the own technology as well as on changes in the market and in the industries. The company has its own design programs, which can be used, for example, to select suitable aftercoolers according to customer requirements. A simulation of the process data included, in order to offer customers the most efficient solution for the subsequent use and to illustrate their influence on the entire customer process understandably.

Aftercoolers from AERZEN set standards with their minimal pressure losses, reduced energy consumption and extremely high cooler inlet temperatures. All of our aftercoolers are suitable for cooling air and nitrogen up to 280 °C.

Air-to-air aftercoolers can optionally be equipped with special painting or coating, special motors for the fan as well as cyclone separators and condensate drains. The installation is simple, neither infrastructure nor conditioned cooling water is required. A special feature is the speed control of the fan according to the customer's specifications. This allows process fluctuations to be minimised and the end product to be maintained at the highest quality standard. An integrated stainless steel precooler is ideal for temperature ranges of 250 °C and above.

Water-air aftercoolers withstand even high ambient temperatures and convince with their durability. Heat recovery is also possible. In water-air aftercoolers, the compressed medium flows through the cooler tubes, cooling water flows around the tubes in counterflow. The water-air aftercoolers are available in stainless steel or copper-nickel design and are permanently installed or as dismountable tube bundles with ribbed or smooth walls. Also optionally with cyclone separator, automatic condensate drain, flange and mating flange kit, special painting and corrosion protection.

In addition to the filter elements for protecting the machine, a further protective function can be set up by means of downstream filters on the pressure side. The filters with a separation class from F7 to H13 are supplied as a complete, connectable unit consisting of a stainless steel container, filter element, seals and support elements.

Cyclone separators and condensate drains are low-maintenance and robust at the same time and are also convincing in a wide range of applications. With a condensate separation efficiency of almost 100%, cyclone separators provide the perfect protection for compressed air systems. They can be protected against corrosion for onshore/offshore use. It is possible to design the separators in accordance with ASME. AERZEN automatic condensate drains operate via level control depending on climate, temperature, time of year and time of day.

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