Sewage Treatment Plant

Late on a Wednesday afternoon, we received a message from our French depot manager advising that a disaster had happened at a sewage treatment plant around 50 km from Paris. The aeration system of a biological sewage water treatment plant had failed threatening the lives of millions of microbes used to treat the sewage. Micro biology is threatened to die, the manager of a sewage treatment plant in France approached us with an urgent request to supply, install and commission an air capacity of approximately 120 m³/min (=7,200 m³/h) at a pressure of 2.3 bar within 48 hours using the local electrical and oxygen control facilities.

Complete temporary aeration until installed within 48 hours

An emergency plan was put forward without delay and co-ordinated with the plant supervisor, who was so impressed by the thoroughness of the plan and our promise to implement it that he granted his approval right away. The first step was to organise the pipework consisting of pipes, bends, flexible hoses, gaskets, nuts and bolts and to prepare it for dispatch from the depot in the Netherlands. As a second step, the required electric cables were organised for supply from third parties.
A total of 80 metres of DN 150 pipework, accessories and cabling were then dispatched to the customer. At the same time, three CVO 2800 units were inspected at our depot in Germany and transported directly to the customer on a single trailer. The truck was scheduled to arrive on Thursday at around 4 p.m. and the pipework with the accessories and cables at approximately 2 p.m.
The first truck arrived ahead of schedule at around noon on Thursday and – to save even more time – was met by our French mechanics and escorted to the sewage treatment plant. The mechanics installed the pipework and accessories according to plan. The truck with the compressors then arrived on site and installation could begin. The final piece of pipework was connected and an electrical installation company assigned by AIR finalised the electrical connections and installed the controls. The installation was commissioned by our mechanics well within the 48-hour limit set by our customer.

Scope of supply:

  • 3x CVO 2800 (45m³/min @ 2,3bar)
  • 72m piping DN150
  • 9m SS plastic coated hose
  • 6 bends DN150 45°
  • 6 bends DN150 90°
  • 1 manifold 4x DN150 to DN400
  • gaskets and accessories
  • Electric cables / Control cables.

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