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Safe, clean and reliable processes in food processing

The demand for operational processes regarding resource conservation, efficiency, sustainability and flexibility is increasing – and industrial pneumatics are not excluded from this trend. Nevertheless, there are other factors that are particularly important in food processing. Quality is a decisive factor, one that often conflicts with cost savings. With our bespoke solutions, we support you in all fields of application of process air technology, maintaining the focus on safe, pure and reliable processes.

Pneumatic conveying with a new and certified safety standard

The quality of compressed air in food processing is of vital importance. The purity of the compressed air has a direct effect on the quality of the final product. It is of paramount importance to keep the product oil-free. Contamination of the bulk material with oil poses a potential hazard, together with the contamination of the installed process air system. Our oil-free machines with discharge silencers without absorption material, in combination with state-of-the-art filter technology, are the ideal solution. AERZEN’s completely oil-free compressed air technology, free of absorption material, guarantees 100% product purity in life cycle technology and is certified in accordance with the ISO 22000 standard. Moreover, AERZEN offers a solution portfolio for almost all ATEX zones.

Our technology can be used in all climate zones and operates continuously, flawlessly and fail-safe, irrespective of the ambient conditions. Its unique technology and reliable material flow consistently ensure a high-quality end product.

Clean process air

Special solutions for 100% oil-free compressed air technology, free of absorption material in accordance with the ISO 22000 standard.

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Safety technology & ATEX solutions

Reliable explosion protection for the relevant ATEX zones in highly critical, explosive work environments

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Special solutions and modifications

Bespoke assemblies and versatile accessories for food processing which meet the highest requirements for safety, environmental protection and energy conservation

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Digital transformation! Tailored information is provided, together with automated data collection and analysis

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Bespoke service offers with excellent logistics and a reliable supply of spare parts via decentralised support bases in your vicinity.

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Rental machines

International rental service with a large pool of immediately-available rental machines and complete solutions with a range of performance levels

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Heat recovery

Reduce costs and optimise energy saving potential in compressed air generation.


Delivery of custom-fit machines and components, as well as support during commissioning


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