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Edition 01/2018

Article and compact news


Turbo-Hybrid symbiosis: The chemistry is right here

Thanks to AERZEN blowers and smart global control system, DOW increases the energy efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant.
DOW produces cellulose-based chemical precursors at Bomlitz in Lower Saxony. The communal wastewater treatment plant operated by an American chemical group is accordingly...

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AERaudit makes the savings potential of wastewater treatment plants transparent

Load operation in wastewater treatment plants is subject to considerable fluctuations. Collection and subsequent evaluation of the operating data from a blower station with the high-precision methods of AERaudit delivers actionable results on the current utilisation and efficiency, and informs how...

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Aerzen Turbo G5plus: more compact, more efficient, simply better

With the new generation Aerzen Turbo G5plus AERZEN has developed the most compact and efficient turbo in its class.

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Eleven assemblies for Spanish wastewater treatment plant

A wastewater treatment plant in the Spanish city of Ourense has been modernised by means of AERZEN technology. Eleven AERZEN assemblies are now being used there for waste water treatment.

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AERZEN Process Gas: new alignment, more customer benefit

AERZEN customers will benefit from the reorganisation of the company in the range Process Gas.

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AERZEN expands its product range with standardised gas compressors

AERZEN takes another step along the path of becoming an application-oriented compressor supplier for the compression of gases.

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Biogas compressors for pilot plant in Thailand

Thailand, the “land of smiles,” is renowned for its tropical beaches and carefree holiday pleasures. But Thailand is also an industrial and agricultural country, which has been making great efforts for some time to reduce CO2 emissions in order to help the environment.A successful example of this is...

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APAC Training Centre opened

The Training Centre of the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) was opened in Singapore – this is the first regional training centre established within AERZEN group.

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Key findings at a glance

Key findings at a glance

Customer opinions are valuable and extremely important to us. Therefore, between mid and late 2017, AERZEN asked a significant number of customers in selected markets in Europe and South America to participate in a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Thanks to the great response, a representative sample...

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Aerzen USA celebrates the expansion of its headquarters

At Aerzen USA all the signs point to growth and expansion. This is evidenced by the recent expansion of the company’s headquarters in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, by around 2,000 square metres, a development which the company celebrated at an Open House event held on 19 September 2017.

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Compact news

Securing subsidies for energy efficiency

Thanks to public subsidy programmes, energy efficiency now has a double pay off. In order to exploit this potential, AERZEN will offer its customers comprehensive support in the areas of energy efficiency, energy recovery and resource management together with the state-subsidised e.qua network. The climate protection targets adopted by the German government are accompanied by numerous subsidy programmes that can be used by operators of water management facilities. A distinction must be made between concept and investment subsidies for energy in the context of climate protection.
Customer-oriented support by AERZEN and e.qua ranges from measuring volume flow requirements, energy analysis and optimisation and the preliminary clarification of suitable funding options for energy concepts to support in applying for funding.
One example is sewage treatment: wastewater treatment plants are among the largest energy consumers in municipalities. With the latest technologies, considerable amounts of energy can be saved. In order to meet the increased requirements of the water and wastewater industry, AERZEN has paid special attention to the energy efficiency of its assemblies. In addition, well thought-out solutions for waste heat utilisation can be provided. AERZEN thus also meets the political targets set for energy efficiency and energy generation.

Delta Blower series extended

Delta Blower series extended

With the Generation 5 positive displacement blowers AERZEN has set new standards. Now, the series is extended by two new blower stages: GM 110 S and GM 130 S types close the gaps in the volume flow range. The figures “110” and “130” stand for intake volume flows of 110 and 130 m³/min respectively (6,660 and 7,800 m³/h). Previously, there had been a jump from 90 m³/min (5,400 m³/h) to up to 150 m³/min (9,000 m³/h) and with it also a jump in the nominal diameter from DN250 to DN300. With the new blower sizes, this volume flow range is now finer graded, which brings decisive advantages for plant manufacturers and operators in terms of investment costs, dimensions and control range.
What is also new: the enhanced Delta Blower series G5plus. Energy efficiency is currently the most important focus, particularly in the field of compressor technology where energy costs exceed 90% of the life-cycle-costs. AERZEN has always been a standard setter to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly processes. To expand upon the success of the AERZEN Delta Blower series, an exciting new design sets energy saving records. The new G5plus series distinguishes itself by increased energy efficiency of up to 5% and significantly reduced dimensions.
Experience the new blower sizes at the trade fair stand of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik at the IFAT in Munich and the ACHEMA in Frankfurt.

This is AERZEN Performance³

This is AERZEN Performance³

AERZEN defines Performance. as an individual solution for the oxygen supply of biological aeration in waste water technology. Individual assemblies of Delta Blower positive displacement blowers, Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressors and Aerzen Turbo blowers of the AERZEN range of products or a combination of assemblies of different efficiencies and regulating ranges can be used.

What is so special about Performance³

Every technology has its strengths, but is also subject to physical limitations. By means of a possible technology mix and the use of different sizes, the individual strengths of assemblies can be added to a highly efficient combination with the best control range. The AERZEN Performance³ concept takes into account the respective requirements of a plant and offers you a rightsized solution that suits you and your plant perfectly. You will be supported by AERZEN wastewater experts during the entire process until your Performance³ solution is found.

How does AERZEN proceed?

In a first step, the load profile of a wastewater treatment plant is evaluated and important parameters for the following calculations are determined. If this load profile is not known it makes sense to record the measured value before. For this purpose, AERZEN uses its AERaudit product which is used to measure the volume flow and other important variables during operation of a plant (see page 2).
An analysis of the recorded load profile forms the basis for the Performance³ process. At the beginning, the solution space consists of a multitude of variants. Taking your plant requirements into account, AERZEN will develop the Performance³ solution that best suits you and your plant.

New Head of Opportunity Engineering in Supply Process Gas

On 1 September 2017, Carsten Holldack assumed responsibility for the group Opportunity Engineering in the Supply Process Gas division. The graduate mechanical engineer, born in 1970, has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of rotating equipment. His previous roles were in development, product management and salesmanagement. The “Opportunity Engineering” group at the Aerzen site, led by Holldack, consists of six experienced process gas specialists.

Klaus Peter Glöckner new member of the General Management

Since 1 December 2017, the General Management of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik consists again of three persons: Graduate engineer Mr. Klaus Peter Glöckner completes the Management team and has got to know the company intensively over the past few months. Klaus Peter Glöckner is responsible for the EMEA region. He was previously employed as Chief Sales Officer and Managing Director at Messrs. Kelvion.

Aerzen Colombia celebrated its 10th anniversary

On 27 September 2017, Aerzen Colombia S.A.S., based near the capital, Bogotá, celebrated its tenth anniversary. The subsidiary, which when it opened was called Aerzen Andina, started out as an agency of Aerzen Iberica. This developed into two separate subsidiaries - Aerzen Colombia, which now has 15 employees, and Aerzen Andina Peru, where four colleagues are currently employed. The markets in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela are supervised by commercial agents. Ricardo Castillo, Managing Director of Aerzen Colombia, is pleased about the tenth birthday celebrations: “We hope to be able to celebrate many more anniversaries and to contribute to the growth of the AERZEN group.”