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Edition 04/16

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Iron smelting below the smelting point

Iron smelting below the smelting point

Steel without coke - is it possible? Current developments in iron smelting and steel production are heading in exactly this direction. Instead of reducing the iron oxide in the ore with coke to elementary iron, steelworkers are more and more often going another way. Instead of coke, reduction gas is...

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International websites relaunch has started successfully

Since the middle of December, the websites of the AERZEN subsidiaries in Great Britain, the U.S.A., Australia, Asia, India, Taiwan, Austria, South and North Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, have all been shining in new splendour.

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(Waste)water 4.0

In early October, AERZEN held a two-day wastewater forum in co-operation with the Rheda-Wiedenbrück Wastewater treatment plant.

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Under pressure: tunnelling in groundwater

Construction work is usually temporary in nature. Therefore, it is sufficient to rent the necessary equipment required for pressure application instead of buying it. At present, Aerzen Rental Division is providing equipment for a tunnelling project in the city centre of Karlsruhe, together with the...

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Compact news

Five years of AERZEN Turbo

Aerzen Turbo in Korea had a double anniversary this year, marking: five years in existence and five years of production – definitely a cause for  celebration. At the beginning of December, all employees, as well as Vice President Asia Pacific - Chuck Lim, Product Manager Turbo - Steffen Helmert, Vice President Marketing & Product Management/Director Turbo Business - Stephan Brand, as well as H.J. Lee and C.Y. Kim of the local representative HC Corporation, were invited to a joint Company Dinner. As part of the celebrations, other anniversaries were honoured: 17 of the 58 employees of Aerzen Turbo have been present since the day the company opened.
Aerzen Turbo has been producing the core components of AERZEN Turbo Blowers – Turbo stage, frequency converter and control unit, as well as complete packaged units. Turnover has increased to more than EUR 8 million over the last five years.

Application managers for Europe, Middle East and Africa

In January 2016, Markus Leidinger took over the new function of Application Manager Wastewater Treatment Plant for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. He had previously worked for nine years as a sales engineer in our sales office South-West. In his role he gained a considerable amount of practical experience, particularly as far as applications around sewage treatment plant technology are concerned.

First internal system audit completed

Since the beginning of 2016 AERZEN has achieved the certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management), 14001 (environment management) and 50001 (energy management), as well as according to OHSAS 18001 (occupational and health protection management system). These certifications are completed by DIN EN ISO 80079-34 (quality management for machines for ATEX-applications), NSQ-100 (quality management for machines for nuclear-applications) and the MID 2014/32/EU module D (quality management for the production of rotary piston gas meters). In September 2016, the quality assurance department has now carried out the first internal system audit for the integrated management system in Aerzen. Successful: All departments fulfil the management requirements.

Meeting of the Customs and Import expert forum

The Customs and Import expert forum of the IHK Hanover held a meeting at Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH on 23rd November 2016. After a company presentation, which included a tour of the company premises, the around 40 participants concentrated on the first item on the agenda, the intensification of air safety rules by the Federal Aviation Authority. An exchange of information and opinions on other current topics followed. Topics included the list of goods for external trade statistics with changes for year 2017, the new preferential agreement of the EU with the Ivory Coast and the southern African states, the survey of the IHK Stuttgart regarding supplier’s declarations, and the EU-customs tariff 2017.
Further meetings have already been scheduled for 2017 – these will be on 15th February/21st June at Johnson Controls Autobatterie, Hanover, and on 21st September/29th November at Lenze Operations GmbH, Aerzen.

AERZEN Style icon

While shopping in Hamburg one of our colleagues discovered an AERZEN product in an unusual place: in the entrance area of the Stilwerk Design centre, in the middle of a café, an old AERZEN blower was exhibited. The GLa 14.18 blower, manufactured in the 1960s, had been running in a malt factory where it had been used in a silo plant.

New manager of Process Gas Division Hungary

On 1st September 2016, Dr. Imre Pesthy took over the management of Process Gas Division Hungary from Rolf Heinemeyer. Dr. Pesthy has been awarded a post-graduate degree in metallurgical process engineering, special field metallurgy and welding technology, and completed his Master’s degree in business management. He has long-term experience with leading positions in small and larger production segments of international companies. Besides supporting PGD Hungary further, Rolf Heinemeyer will focus in future on PGD business at AERZEN.