Product contamination? Not with AERZEN!

We guarantee 100% product purity, safety and reliability.

Discharge silencers free of absorption material, ATEX compliant machines and Oil free class 0

The absolutely oil-free and absorption-free compressed-air technology from AERZEN guarantees you 100% product purity in all pneumatic conveying processes of sensitive bulk material.
We solve demanding production requirements, e.g. in the food industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, or in chemical and petrochemical processes thanks to innovative and ATEX-certified technology.

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thanks to certified oil free class 0

In many industries, the pureness of the compressed air is decisive since it significantly influences the quality of the processes for the production of high-quality products in the food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, in parts of the automotive industry, the paper and textile industry,  the medical technology but also in sensitive chemical or petrochemical processes, to name only a few.  Always when compressed air can come in contact with the product, as this is the case with pneumatic conveyance for example,  it is important to guarantee that the compressed air is free of oil according to ISO 8573-1, class 0. Since a contamination of the product  with oil can have bad consequences, as for example the destruction of complete production batches.

In cooperation with Tüv Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, this safety standard has been defined according to the following guidelines and standards:

  •  ISO 8573-1: 2010 Part 1: Contaminants and purity class
  •  ISO 8573-2: 2007 Part 2: Test methods for aerosol oil content
  •  ISO 8573-5: 2001 Part 5: Test methods for oil vapour and organic solvent content.

Cerfiticate for oil free operation Delta Blower, Delta Hybrid, Delta Screw

Certificate Oil-free Operation Delta Hybrid
Oil-free Operation Delta Hybrid
Certificate Oil-free Operation GM Blower
Oil-free Operation GM Blower
Certificate Oil-free Operation VML Compressor
Oil-free Operation VML Compressor
Certificate Oil-free Operation VM Compressor
Oil-free Operation VM Compressor


AERZEN Certificate ISO 22000


thanks to absorption-free silencer technology

Increased energy efficiency and lifetime extension of the compressed-air system and compliance with the required sound pressure level thanks to new and patented silencers. In the research and development centre belonging to the factory, AERZEN developed a completely new silencer technology and could successfully patent this (European Patent No. 1857682). In future, AERZEN will use socalled reactive silencers to reduce the pipe noise for the series Delta Blower (positive displacement blower), Delta Hybrid (rotary lobe compressor) and Delta Screw (screw compressor).

100% Safety

thanks to ATEX-certified technologies

Safe, efficient and cost-saving. Compressor and blower packages made by AERZEN have always been used in highly critical areas. The know how and the experience which we have built over decades in almost any application range can particularly be found in processes covered by the ATEX guideline.

  • 100% Safety with ATEX applications
  • Absorption material-free pulsation discharge silencers as spark arrester
  • Explosion protection in the pneumatic bulk material conveyance
  • 100% product purity and safety thanks to certified technology
  • AERZEN stands for consequent further development, because your safety and your product is our utmost concern

For example, an aspect that is seldom considered in pneumatics, means, that according to the risk analysis the blowers and compressors can produce sparks which then are blown into the conveying pipe (pressure conveying) and there they can lead to an ignition of a dust-air-mixture. Here, the AERZEN ATEX concept already provides a TÜV certified solution. A spark arrester which is integrated into the base support or the discharge side of the silencer avoids sparking over in the hazardous zone in a case of emergency. The installation of spark arresters on site can completely be omitted - a decisive advantage for the customer. Therefore, investment costs are not necessary. This saves sustainably energy costs, as pressure losses - due to downstream spark arresters - can be avoided.

Declaration of Conformity

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