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Edition 01/2020

Article and Compact News

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AERZEN Management focuses on the future

Klaus-Hasso Heller moves to the supervisory board

A change in management is taking place at Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH. CEO Klaus-Hasso Heller will be taking over the chairmanship of the AERZEN Supervisory Board in May 2020. Klaus-Hasso Heller’s successor as Commercial Managing Director of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH will be Dr. Carsten Bruns.

With the move of CEO Klaus-Hasso Heller (3rd from left) to the AERZEN Supervisory Board (from left) Björn Irtel, Klaus Peter Glöckner and Dr. Carsten Bruns form the management of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH.

In 2000, Klaus-Hasso Heller took over the management of the company from his father Hasso Heller, which at that time had a turnover of around €110 million. The company, under Klaus-Hasso Heller, has grown to over 50 subsidiaries worldwide (there were 13 in 2000) and a turnover of €450 million. Since 2000, the number of employees in the group has risen from 1,225 to around 2,500 today. “AERZEN has a solid base because we have achieved a great performance through the hard work of all executives and employees,” says the graduate industrial engineer as he looks back on his years as CEO. I have therefore made the decision to concentrate fully on strategic corporate development and future orientation as Chairman of the Supervisory Board in the future and thus to shape the direction over the next few years of our family-owned company,” explains Klaus-Hasso Heller in respect of the forthcoming change. The objective of the shareholders is to maintain the company as a family-owned enterprise.

The individuals who will be responsible for the management of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH in future are Klaus Peter Glöckner (Managing Director Sales and future Chairman of the Management Board) and Björn Irtel (Managing Director Operations) – both are long-serving and very experienced senior executives of the company. The third member of the trio is new Commercial Managing Director, Dr. Carsten Bruns, who will be responsible for Finance, IT, Personnel, Compliance and Legal Affairs. The business graduate had been responsible for these areas for the past 13 years as a member of the Executive Board of the family-run diagnostics group R-Biopharm AG. Dr. Carsten Bruns’ other professional positions include RWE AG, the family business CLAAS KGaA mbH and Deutsche Telekom AG. The 49 year old was also active in the commercial sector at each of these companies, with a focus on M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions).

Klaus Peter Glöckner will be responsible for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales in future, while Björn Irtel, as Managing Director Operations, will continue to head the Production, Technology, Quality, Purchasing and Process Gas divisions. “I am pleased about this constellation, because with them we have an extremely powerful team, and they will complement each other very well,” says Klaus-Hasso Heller about the new management of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik.

Compact news

Aerzen Digital Systems: new data-based services provider

AERZEN is expanding its service portfolio with a new digital offering: Aerzen Digital Systems GmbH develops solutions in the field of digitalisation that make AERZEN standard blowers and compressors even more efficient, reliable and durable. The cloud will provide the customer with a comprehensive insight into the status of his machines. Depending on the service booked, preventive maintenance, for example, should also be made possible on the basis of appropriate analyses. Such data-based services will be designed and implemented by Aerzen Digital Systems in a cost-effective and risk-optimised way. The market launch of the digital service for the AERZEN machine park management is planned for May 2020.

Image: Lutz Geerken and Ricardo Wehrbein are Managing Directors Aerzen Digital Systems.

New Appointment in Product Management

Thomas Kuhn was appointed to the role of AERZEN Product Manager for the oil-injected screw compressors, accessories and services division on 1 February 2020. In addition to being responsible for VMX compressors, his new area of responsibility includes the higher-level AERZEN AERsmart control system, accessories (including air-to-air and water-to-air aftercoolers) and the AERaudit service.

Signing a contract with Royal Haskoning

In September 2019, AERZEN signed a contract with the new partner Royal Haskoning as an “International preferred supplier”. This offers AERZEN the opportunity to enter into aeration projects of the wastewater treatment with one of the world’s most renowned engineering companies as early as the consulting phase. Royal Haskoning also offers its customers a patented and very successful processing technology, called Nereda. With this process, a special biogranulate ensures eight times the absorption capacity of the bioorganisms. This means that wastewater treatment plants can be designed to be very space-saving, as pre- and final clarification tanks are completely unnecessary with this technology. This process can reduce investment costs by up to 40 percent. Operating costs in connection with AERZEN compressor technology and a modern aeration system can also be reduced by 50 percent.

Image: Partnership sealed (from left): Siert Wiersema (Aerzen Nederland), René Noppeney (Royal Haskoning), Markus Leidinger (AERZEN), Klaus Peter Glöckner (AERZEN), Rudger Perdon (Royal Haskoning)